Welcome to Life After Moonrise

We don't choose to be heroes. The universe chooses us. One morning life's normal, we get coffee on the way to work, grind out the nine to five, and get home just in time to watch the evening news. It's the same old news, another robbery, a wild dog loose in the streets, and sleet's in the forecast tomorrow. It's simple civilian life. Until the universe comes knocking. The door opens and we take whatever it gives us. It could be a curse, a disease, the power to summon a thousand bees at the snap of a finger. We can't give it back. There's no cure.

Everything's different after that. When we get mugged, it's the mugger who ends up the victim. The robber in the convenience store is suddenly the one screaming in terror. Don't even ask about the bank robbers. They're out of their league. Thieves, murders, and psychopath's aren't in charge any more. The world is painted in new colors. Terrifying back alleys are inviting, the ideal place to stop a criminal, to save a life. Why live a normal life when we're this abnormal?

Becoming a Hero

The first step on the road to heroism (or villainy) is getting involved. We are a group of writers mainly working together over Discord. Click the link to join us on Life After Moonrise on Discord.me. This is a 3rd party link which filters out spam. You will have to complete a captcha to join the server. We are an 18+ group only. If you are underage, join us when you're older.

Once in the server:

  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Contact Archy to get your roles and set up your character.
  3. Pick a place to begin your journey.

Being a Hero

Life in the city is busy and chaotic. There's villains, heroes, civilians, and more. We have a pack of werewolves on the edge of the city and vampires running the clubs. Our group focuses on character development, adventuring, and the occasional massive spectacle of a battle between good and evil (it's a little like DnD, but less dice). There's always something going on, a villain to stop or the consequences of a curse to face.

Be sure to read up on our rules, explore our characters, and our story so far.

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