Alex always seems to fit in. It's weird. There's no crowd where he doesn't instantly blend in. He matches their culture, their ideas, their beliefs in an instant. His human friends have taken to calling him the Travel Agent. It's not that he knows all the hidden corners of tourist traps. It's just that he blends into the crowd, walks like them, talks like them, and thinks like them. Within whichever crowd, he's always the star. He's the star of the class, the quarterback-genius, and whatever it takes to fit in.

In more tender moments, something of the real Alex might slip out, the Alex without a show. He's calm and patient, someone happy to listen for days. His girlfriend could come in and burry him in every bit of gossip in the local social crowd, and he'd absorb the entire thing. You won't frustrate him easily. Instead, he'll wear you down over weeks, months, and years to accept whatever he's after. He'll work to win your love, waiting for you, being there for you at every turn. For those he does love, he's fiercely protective. Sometimes to a fault, he'll be aggressive to past lovers or anyone flirting with someone he loves.

Beneath all of that there is still one more big thing about him: he is driven. When he sets his mind to something, he'll plan and plot to get it done. The guy is always thinking and scheming. He may form an elaborate plan to win your heart or plan out a years or decades long plan to take down an enemy. Among his friends, this is seen as simply a competitive nature. None of them realize he's spent weeks planning to crush them in Smash Bros or how he's made gentle arrangements over the past year to dethrone the would-be lead of the campus's next big musical.

Name Alex
Gender Male
Apparent Age 20s
Species Dragon
Affiliation Anti-hero
Occupation Unknown
Player Archy


Alex looks to be about 22. Like all dragons, he stands out in the crowd. He moves with a certain grace and certainty to his step, movements you expect to see from an Olympic gymnast and it's just the way he walks. It's not hard to even think he could be a gymnast. His whole form is the image of health, from the rippling six pack and pecs to his perfect smile. It's not even just his body. Dragons obsess over their dressing and grooming. His closet has something for every occasion, nice polos for class, a suit that makes James Bond look like trash, and a few more casual items. Every girl in class is all but drooling over him. You can understand why, between the good looks, stunning green eyes, and ebony hair, he stands out. You'd never think he wasn't human, but you'll never get your eyes off him either. Dragon

As a dragon, Blackbird is about the size of an SUV, he weighs a hefty 7000 pounds at his lightest. His body is long and sleek, with shiny black scales across his body. He's one of the fastest dragons in the air, part of why he's called Black Bird. His parents work for Lockheed Martin and recognized his speed and stealth skills very early on. They were also massive Beatles fans, so it does all fit together nicely. There's two horns atop his head, arching back, sleek and inline with his body. From his back sprouts his two powerful wings, a wingspan easily of 30' when fully stretched, if not more. Spiked fins jut from his back, running down to his tail, where three larger fins shoot out to all sides.


Dragon's have a weird childhood. In the distant past, they were nearly hunted to extinction. It took an organization of dragons to preserve the species. They went into hiding. Strict controls were placed on the actions of their entire race. Thus, Alex was born in a controlled setting. He has no specific knowledge of who his parents were. Hatchlings are separated from their family at a young age. He knows his mom would sing a song about a Blackbird in the dead of night. He knows the lyrics to it, but that's all he knows.

Alex's life followed the exact plan of the Organization. By the time he was five he was separated from his parents. He began schooling about humans. Over the next few years he would learn to shape shift into his human form. He would learn human history and math and science and social behaviors. He would join other dragons in a school, acting and living like humans. Slip ups were punished harshly. They must maintain their disguise, their form, as humans at all costs. And it was beaten into them.

Later schooling would emphasize specific skillsets. Alex was drained in stealth. Infiltrations and recon operations were his thing. At this point in time he was paired up with a Handler. This was a human agent who's job was to bond with him, guide his training in more detail. There aren't enough dragons in the world to give them a dragon-mentor. Therefore, they have hand-picked and hand-trained humans to do the job instead. These handlers served an additional purpose: tempering dragons' attitudes.

A dragon who is not thoroughly exposed to humans will only see them as Prey. This wouldn't be an issue except these dragons need to hide among them. An un-tempered dragon will more likely than not blow their cover. They won't develop the necessary empathy, looking on humans as insects. The best the Organization can hope for is to make the dragons treat humans as pets. Some develop closer bonds. There is an issue with xenophobia/speciesism among the dragons. They're known to have ego issues.

This training would take Alex to about 30 years old. The thing is, Dragons age slowly. A 30 year old dragon looks about like a teenager. It makes it easy for them to integrate into human society. Trained dragons are planted in human communities, they go to school, college, everything like a normal teen would. They're observed by an adoptive family, all possible caution is taken to ensure they do not blow their cover. Ever.

For Alex, high school was boring. He already knew everything they were going to teach him. On occasion, he'd get a bad-grade just to help his cover. No one's perfect. College was more exciting. He majored in Engineering, even considered getting multiple degrees. He may already have a few degrees worth of knowledge.



After being hunted to near extinction, Dragons gained the ability to shapeshift, disguising themselves as humans. This human form is fixed. Whatever they look like as a human, that’s how they’re stuck in their human form for life. It is possible to achieve a half-shift, calling some dragon traits into his human form, but only for a short span of time. The shift is not meant to be stopped half way.


In particular, Blackbird has incredible speed when airborne. He’s able to use his magic to manipulate the air around him and achieve otherwise impossible speeds for what he is. His parents named him after the SR-71 with good reason.


Blackbird is protected by heavy scales. These are generally impenetrable to most small arms fire. Cannons and AP rounds can get through. He’s more or less impervious against laser weapons, heat doesn’t bother him even in human form. The scales can however, be ripped out. They don’t offer a lot of protection from blunt trauma. His mouth and wings are fair targets for high caliber weapons. He’s more or less fire proof, flames won’t hurt his outsides.


Dragons are creatures of pure-magic. The laws of physics generally forbid their existence altogether. They draw on a source of magic to exist, to shapeshift, to do their fire, and so on. The reserves of magic available to Alex are limited, enough for some small enchantments.


Alex’s best spell is stealth. He’s able to manipulate light like the wind and become invisible.


Alex has incredible strength in his dragon form. He weighs a good couple of tons, strength’s an essential piece of getting anything done. He could pick up a truck with effort or fly off with cars and possibly pick up trucks in the right circumstances. In human form, he has above average strength, but generally not enough to qualify as a hero.


Alex has fire, like all dragons do. He can use this fire in human or dragon form. It’s thick and sticky, more like napalm than anything else. It will stick to whatever he lights up. It’s hard to neutralize.

Limited Healing

A dragon will grow back their limbs. Generally, recovery from injuries is faster than humans, but slower than most any other super natural’s healing ability. Dragons aren’t generally maimed for long, but they can be knocked out of the fight if killing isn’t in the cards.


Sustained Heavy Fire

Continuous weapons fire will basically tenderize and tear up his insides through blunt force trauma. Enough weapons fire will start to knock scales off and lead to some great internal damage.

Eyes, Mouth, Wings

The soft-tissues of his body are easily penetrated and destroyed. His wings can survive several hits, but eventually the membrane will tear entirely. His eyes have minimal protection (though they are at least a hard target). His mouth isn’t bullet proof either.

Human Form

His human form is as vulnerable as any other human. Get a shot on his heart or his head and he’s dead. He can be beaten to a pulp.

High Calorie Intake

Even in human form, Alex needs to take in a ludicrous amount of food to survive day to day. His human form still has the organs of a dragon, somewhat. His full nature continues to consume resources. He can be starved out.

Extreme Cold

Cold weather and elements of the cold are a mixed-bag. In immediate exposure, cold weather will not bother a dragon. Prolonged exposure however, proves an issue. A dragon’s body temperature is well above human. They draw on more magic to stay warm in extreme cold. Cold can deplete their magic and kill them if extreme and long enough.

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