Eco is an ever changing blend of countless memories and personalities, resulting in an erratic mess with near constant mood shifts and changing points of view.

Name Eco
Gender None
Age Unknown
Species Sentient Alien Virus
Affiliation Antihero
Occupation Unknown
Player Wish


Eco has no set appearance, constantly shifting between different appearances whenever it's convenient.



Eco possesses numerous unique abilities, the most gruesome of which is the ability to absorb other living beings, granting Eco free access to any victim's form, memories and entire genetic code, literally becoming everything it consumes. Eco is able to freely shift between the forms of anything it has consumed, resulting in an ever expanding wardrobe of different forms and abilities. Eco is also capable of contorting its body into several unique shapes and makeups, resulting in a wide arsenal of weapons that Eco can make out of its very body, examples being the ability to transform an arm into a savage blade and hardening its body into a bullet proof shell. Eco's shape shifting does have limits, it can only transform into things it's absorbed, with a few exceptions, such as forming armor over a human body or contorting limbs into a vicious blade or claws.


Eco, despite its ever changing and growing pool of strengths, possesses several consistent weaknesses. The first being sunlight, as any amount of exposure is extremely painful for Eco and too much is lethal. High temperatures are also a consistent cryptonite. High pitched frequencies of sound stun and cause Eco extreme pain.


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