Leo is a care free spirit, living in a world without laws, rules, or boundaries. At least, that’s the premise of his moral compass. He does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants. In a world free of rules, he really has exactly two priorities: making himself happier and avenging the wrongs of the rich and powerful. He has to fund his fun somehow, and quite frankly, between robbing the poor and robbing someone who can’t count the zeroes in their bank account, he’s going after the rich assholes first. Good thing there’s so many of them.

Years of crimefighting however, have had their toll on Leo. He’s learned cover his ass. There’s been stings by the cops. Close encounters with bounty hunters. Traps and ambushes at every turn. He’s not the most open and warm person up front, not any more. It takes time to earn his trust, until then, most people are at arm’s length. It’s safer that way, less risk of getting burned again. Too many secrets, too much exposure, and too few peers.

Name Leo
Gender Male
Age 32
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Occupation Thief/Spy/Hacker
Player Archy


Leo is average height, a little on the buff side. He has a few scars, between fights growing up and the closer scrapes he’s gotten into more recently. His hair is black, cut short, and typically a barely tended to mess. Over the years, he’s built up a good wardrobe for blending in anywhere. He’s got suits, nice clothes, trashy clothes, and of course, his working costume. He’s done recon on places and broken in as a CEO, a wealthy husband, a poor guy who just needed to warm up. Nothing’s been enough to stop him.

His costume has a military vibe to it. There’s bullet proof plates under most of it. Plates in his chest, his legs, thick pads on his elbows and knees. On the top there’s a vest with pockets full of equipment. He has a belt, full of equipment. On the job, he needs everything from glass cutters to small explosives, screw drivers, and computers for hacking. He had a full face mask, it folds into the sides of his helmet when not in use. He’s gone for more than one swim. There is a narrow backpack that’s custom made, it fits neatly between his wings.

He has wings, they shrink away and fold inside him when not in use. It helps for blending in. The wings resemble insect wings, he has four of them, two per side. Even full size, he’s able to fly with them, though he’s less nimble at that size. They’re transparent, with some thin veins visible inside them.


Leo’s history can be broken down into two real phases: the rough upbringing and years of thievery. He was born to a low income family, an alcoholic dad, and a druggy mom. It’s not too surprising his morals never had a chance to really form. He grew up on the street. Early in, he and his street urchin friends learned to pick locks and break in. They pulled plenty of pranks in school.

In his teenage years, Leo was recruited into the local gang. By the time he was 14, his powers had begun to manifest. That was a scary experience at first. His parents thought he’d gone missing. His gangster friends had fun teasing and toying with him, until he worked out how his powers actually worked. It took him weeks to really tame them. He missed school, his parents were furious when he finally returned.

After graduating, Leo moved on. He abandoned his old life and dove in head first into the world of a professional criminal. At first, he worked for his gang and local affiliates. By the time he was 20, he’d worked for enough people to betray him. Several began squealing the to FBI in exchange for commuted sentences. He was the big fish they wanted. And it was all too easy to bait the feds into any deal to get him. There were stings, several of them, before Leo got the message. It was time to go private.

For a few years, there was no sign of Leo anywhere. He spent the time building his equipment, collecting exploits, picking targets, and preparing to burst into the scene. A new villain emerged, Firefly. Most of the time, no one knew what even hit them. He freelances for clients he likes, takes on activism if he feels like it, and steals money when he needs it. It’s been all too easy. He lives the life of a billionaire playboy and thief, with none of the overhead, and no one close enough to get him.


Size Changing

Firefly’s leading power is the ability to shrink and grow. He’s gotten down to insect and smaller sizes. He’s been able to fly around air filters, out screw holes, and even through the gaps of a poorly fit air duct on one occasion. It’s enough to get anywhere really.


Firefly’s namesake ‘fly’ part. He has wings. He’s able to lift up to about three times his body weight in flight, depending on a number of factors, including altitude, speed, and duration. In shorter spans, he can handle more weight, but his wings will tire if overtaxed.

Fire Blasts

The fire in firefly comes from something. He can fire low power energy blasts from his hands. These vary in their intensity. At most, he’ll burn a whole through someone if he can charge up the blast. At the least, even when shrunken, he can have a taser-like effect when shooting directly into the neck/spine.

Minor Strength Enhancement

Leo’s strength is above average to start and amplified when shrunken. At lesser scales, changes in his physiology enable him to more greatly lift materials. He’s able to move objects far larger than him with relative ease.


When shrunken, Leo has enhanced durability. He won’t easily be crushed by the average person. It takes more work than that to kill him.


Leo is basically, still human. The same things that kill humans, will kill him. Bullets, trucks, poisons, and so on. When he’s shrunken, his body is more susceptible to poisons. There’s a reason he has the full face mask with the air filters and a small oxygen tank. High voltage is another big one, it’s easier to taze him at smaller sizes. His gloves are nice and insulated, his body’s covered, but that’s not going to help against a bugzapper.

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