Jaiden Mori

Lucky Rabbit


Jade is the niece of a uncle.. who happens to run the large yakuza group that has taken influence in this out-of-country branch for the city. Flanked by the usual Yakuza flunkies in different ranges of superiority, Jade is possibly the only heir to the Mori Yakuza branch as her uncle has no children of his own. Jade would come off nearly as a split personality. At times she is calm, cold and dismissive. Others she is happy, bubbly, and very friendly with a hyper twist. She looked unimpressed with almost all things happening around her. Hell, most times it looks like she doesn't even want to be there.


Jade is a short woman, at only 5ft 2 inches with a petite build. Her hair is dyed an unnaturally bright sea green with lime tinting to it, making her stand out particularly well. Although her eyes are naturally brown, she wears blue contacts to hide the use of her ability which causes them to flash blue when using it. Most times Jade wears normal clothing, but usually sports a black skin tight rider's turtleneck, black lather riding pants, black trainers, and a white leather riding jacket. When on her bike Jade sports an all black helmet with dark tinted visor. On the right side of her helmet is a tribal style jade colored rabbit decal. She's been known to carry a black butterfly knife and use it to great effect.

Name Jaiden Mori
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Occupation Gangster




Sky Hop

Jade can hop to a fantastic height of two hundred feet. She can rapidly bounce off buildings, walls, or anything in her way to build amazing speed as well, increasing her ability to evade, close distance, and deliver a powerful counter. She can also use this for a swift get away.

Fleet Foot

Jade has surprising speed, both over distance and up close. She can easily dance in and out of range in a fight, or run away. Her top speed generally sits at 40mph for a long distance, but a dead sprint out of her can hit 65mph for fifteen seconds total.

Kick It

Jade's legs are like iron, and she can kick with the force of a fucking mule. No tests have been done to see just how much force she can generate in a single leg kick, but given how high she can jump, we're going to assume you simply should just not get kicked. Add in the fact as a high kidnapping target due to her influence as a child, Jade has taken many lessons to learn martial arts. Good luck.

Keen Observation

Jade's smart. She knows business, how to run groups and many things from drives to events and meetings to appear normal. Most of her work is in problem solving so to speak, meaning she's had a lot of time to build up her deduction skills. Always being on alert has lent her to notice inconsistancies, faults, hidden motives as well as become very perceptive of her surroundings and of others. It's helped her immensely in thwarting a few traps, and avoiding a good number of ambushes.

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