Saigo Hikari


Saigo is paranoid and hypervigilant, but not without sense. Often times he comes off as cold and logical, though he does possess a moral compass it's often hidden by his hard metal exterior.

Name Saigo Hikari
Gender Male
Age 84
Apparent Age 40
Species Alien Cyborg
Affiliation Antihero
Occupation None
Player Wish


Appearance wise, Saigo is more machine than man, appearing as a 5'11“ pale faced man with red eyes and white hair. Everything except his head is covered in armor plating that looks like a silver suit of futuristic armor that is in reality just part of his many cybernetic enhancements.


Hell. That's Saigo's last memory of home. Long ago, when he was only thirty years old (His race's equivalent of 18, they live a long time), his life was peaceful, until on his 34th birthday his world was visited by the Darklight, a sentient hiveminded virus that consumed everything in its path. It was nearly unstoppable. In a vain hope of fighting back Saigo's race created a program to create cybernetically enhanced supersoldiers, and Saigo was one of the volunteers. He along with ninety nine others were forever changed, turned into supersoldiers that could lift up to eight tons and survive a thermobaric explosion to the chest. But even a hundred cyborg soldiers were only temporary defense in the face of a constantly evolving threat. His race was constantly trying to find a permanent solution and came upon only one: Escape. They had to leave to survive. For ten years Saigo fought against the Darklight and for ten years his race was focusing everything on getting as many survivors as possible to safety, off the planet. At the end of these ten years, all that remained of Saigo's people was himself, two other cyborgs and ten others, as well as two ships ready to launch in a direct course to the nearest inhabitable planet.

These ships would fly themselves with the passengers in a forced hibernation on life support. Each one could carry a maximum of six people. At the last day on his home planet, Saigo and the other cyborgs were to desperately defend the others while they took off in one ship and then gun it out on the second. The first ship made liftoff… Only to be pulled out of the air by black tendrils just before making it to a safe height, to doom. It was now time for the cyborgs to desperately attempt to flee. One of the other two cyborgs were impaled just before making it into the ship, and the other was pulled out while trying to shoot back the tendrils reaching for the ship as they took flight. It was only by miracle that Saigo remained alive, let alone on his way away from that hell. He's been asleep for forty years. Forty years drifting through space before he's finally crashed into his location. Earth.


Strength Saigo is extremely powerful, normally capable of lifting up to five tons and throwing it forty feet away. He can push this strength to greater heights, up to eight tons of lifting power, however this strength must be charged before use and comes at the cost of literally burning himself out, causing severe damage to himself, in worse cases causing paralysis in whatever area this strength is concentrated.

Durability That silvery armored exoskeleton isn't for show, Saigo is capable of taking on extreme pressure, potentially taking the force of a MOAB bomb (minus the heat) and remaining relatively in one piece. However, concentrated force is capable of punching through his shell.

Nanomachines Along with his general survivability, Saigo's internal systems include nanotechnology flowing through his body, these tiny machines slowly repair minor damage done to him, such as a chip in his shell, but nothing major like a lost limb. These nanomachines can also be used to create a temporary link with other electronics, allowing him to bypass and use whatever he's paired with so long as he remains in physical contact.

Thermal Saigo is able to regulate his body temperature like a walking heater, able to go from normal temp to three times the boiling point of water rather quickly, but only for a few seconds at a time before cutting the heat for his own safety. This heat also weakens his armor so long as it is active.

Access Saigo is able to wirelessly tap himself into any other wireless communication network. He can get into the internet and make phonecalls without even touching a computer. Though while using this access, he is vulnerable to the hard job of hacking his systems, shutting off his access or his own systems, essentially killing him on the spot unless outside repairs are made.

Survivability Saigo is capable of surviving long periods of time time without breathable air, up to three hours, allowing him to survive in otherwise inhospitable environments for a certain period of time. He is also immune to earthly sicknesses and most, if not all poisons and venoms.


Despite all his strength, using too much of it can quickly cause Saigo's mechanical parts to short circuit, making his greatest physical strength a double edged sword. His nanomachines also have great limits, as they can only heal at worst the cyborg equivalent of a broken bone, and that can take weeks to finish. He also can't fight for very long thanks to his recent forty years of minimal maintenance leaving him without much energy to spend in combat. Just like everyone else, Saigo can feel pain should enough damage be done, being unused to pain after forty years renders him easy to stun with pain. He is also not completely invulnerable to outside heat, anything more than the inside of a burning building and he'll start burning up.


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