Quiet and unassuming. He doesn’t like drawing attention to himself, preferring to attack targets from a distance and not get too close to others. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and tries to keep them out of harms way as best as he can


Shee is a lean human, muscled and 6 foot tall. His hazel eyes glint with hidden energy and he has a jacket that seems to hold things that are far too big. His brown hair is a constant mess and his beard is a personal point of pride that he keeps growing long and straight.

Name Shee
Gender Male
Age 27
Species Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Occupation Machinist


Shee lived a simple life. He had his friends and family, worked at the local gun shop and even studied to learn machining. He was always good with his hands and built a nice little workshop at home. Soon enough though, it seemed life took a turn for the worse, a close friend broke into the gun shop he worked at and pinned the blame on Shee. He lost his job, his friends grew distant and even his family talked to him less. The courts eventually found him innocent but now money was tight and he figured it was time to make the assholes get what was coming to them



Working on the lathe one day, he cursed as he thought about the bit he needed and suddenly it was there in his hand. Shee can pull objects he is familiar with into existence. This has led him to start studying weapons of every shape and size, learning what they look like and how they function in order to improve his arsenal

Matter Manipulation

He always liked working with his hands, now it helps that whatever he gets his hands on he can mold it and shift it to whatever comes to mind.

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