Zeron Drear Kreuzigung


Zeron is the type that prefers actions over words, and will use expressions first before speaking. It's unsure why, he just likes to use as few words as needed. The calmer and happier, the quieter, but he will get loud once angry. And Zeron does have a violent temper when it breaks. But it's not all stoicism and bad. Being a demon that once was brought offering of harvests long ago, Zeron is a reveler, fond of good atmosphere, food, drink, and friendliness. Go figure.

Name Zeron Drear Kreuzigung
Gender Male
Age 590
Species Feldgeister-Roggenwulf
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Legion/Rogue Spirit
Player Wendigo Might


You need a reason to be called “son of Fenrir” when you're not blood related. Zeron is a large man. Very large. 6' 8“, and tipping scales at 400lbs. A long time ago still living as a feldgeister it was said he had to ride destriers instead, even outside of battle to avoid breaking a horse's spine. Like all wolves, Zeron's eyes are golden, but may go red as he's also demonic. Pale skinned with dark brown, nearly black hair, he keeps it long enough to be extra padding in a helmet, and trimmed so it stays under and out of the way at all times in a messy layered chop. Zeron prefers darker clothes and long coats of today's fashion to better hide the ever present tail. His ears are unmistakably pointed, and nails are black streaked keratin like a horn, sharpened and unretractable. Zeron can also summon gear to be used and worn, though this is extensive to his stamina. Wearing all that gear and swinging heavy weaponry however has given him some impressive muscles. He looks no older than forty. He's earned that nickname of “Son of Fenrir”


Born in Trier, Germany 1430, records recount nothing spectacular that year. Not even in harvest records. Though there were many feldgeist in the surrounding fields of Trier and along its river's banks, there were not many that were Roggenwulf. For his quick childhood, Zeron grew beside his mother and father, learning the ways of slipping through throngs of people like normal humans. They refrained from chaos, as they were happy with the treatment of their fields. It wasn't until the witch hunts began in 1500's, nearing the end of Europe's medieval period that a young Zeron began to change from the world around him. After decades of fighting an unknown illness, his mother died. Christianity began to reduce the attention to fields and harvests. He blamed the church. While his father, Wilhelm, avoided them, Zeron grew violent. The older wolf sought tutelage for his son, turning to one such Gilgrim; an old world wyvern of Hell. Zeron was an adapt student, but neither recognized the price of his teachings. All the while, the world was marching towards modernism. His father grew ill, and at Wilhelm's passing, Zeron abandoned the feldgeister life for Hell, retreating with his own wife. Though the two tried for decades, no children were ever born of them. Quickly upon entering Hell, Zeron's wife, Freya also died, very similar to his father. Poisoned to her death by Gilgrim in order to conscript Zeron to him with no worldly attachments. When Zeron learned of this, the wolf staged at attack only to face a crippling defeat, and be cast from Gehenna. He intends to return and sever the head of Gilgrim free of its body, hunting dragons along the way to exterminate them. And he has tracked one to the surface.


True Form

Zeron's guise is his human form. Realistically, Zeron is a jet black sleek furred wolf the size of a grizzly that should have no business dissapearing into fields of corn, wheat, barley or rye as easily as he does. He is well muscled and appears with horns like a springbok, and bat wings as is traditional for his kind to mix other creatures into their form. His long legged strides can carrying him far distances easily, a heavy gust following in his wake. He's a short distance sprinter of 300 meters.

Demonic Form

Zeron becomes bipedal, a mixture of man, wolf, goat and bat. The claws on his hands are exceptionally long, and his wings strong enough to enable flight. Limited flight like a brick, you won't see any fancy manuvers. He can at best fold them to drop, but it takes time to regain control. More for transport.


Zeron can summon gear of his to himself, but it isn't instant, and leaves him vulnerable. Zeron must take a minute to bring his armor to him. A half minute is needed for his sword, whichever sword he summons. The armor he wears is a simple steel make with a snarling wolf face helm, a full gauntlet for his right arm, paldrons, chest and back, tasset and greevings complete with sabatons. Otherwise Zeron is squishy, capable of dying if his heart or brain is hit. It's important to note his entire left arm, right bicep, both thighs, and neck are exposed and uncovered for him to move less stiffly. A cooldown is necessary for his armor to repair when not being worn. If his sword breaks, it will be some time until it can be re-summoned. The armor is bullet proof to smaller caliber rounds. It can mitigate damage from larger bullets. If his gear is damaged, it will remain so until repaired.


Zeron's tried and true zweihander sword. His main for of defense and attack in his human and demon form aside from his own body. Like his armor, simple steel.


Zeron can call down a single bolt of lightning per day. He has to make it count when he does, as it has varying level of accuracy. He can direct it with a hand, otherwise a bark will punctuate his summoning of it. There is a 5 minute charge up and several minutes being incapacitated afterwards. He may charge it up the whole fight only not ty o use it. If your hair starts standing up and you taste metal or “tingly”, look out.

Fire Breath

Once handy to accept a final load of wheat or rye from harvest as tribute by incinerating it if not eaten, Zeron can torch close enemies nearby within six feet. He himself is lightly fire resistant on most of his body, but not fire proof beyond his mouth. Max heat of 800F in his flames.

Bone Density

Zeron can take a few hard crippling hits from blunt force attacks that normally would snap bones easily. Without armor, sharp and penetrating weapons/attacks will go through easy, obviously. This simply ensures he wont break his own body with his attacks.

Burn Offering

Zeron's body is strong, but it still takes time to heal. He may speed it up momentarily to heal grievous wounds or those made with iron or holy items by consuming an offering handed to him. Wheat, rye, barley and corn, as well as food made from them, enact as suitable offerings to him. To this extend, bread, beer and whiskey fit that bill, but must be offered to him. He may then store it for use later on. Limit of one full rengeration can be stored for later use.

Gorgon's Eye

Zeron can stare into your very soul. You may freeze, feeling heavy, solid or cold as ice unable to move for a moment. You will be judged. No one knows what will happen, but its speculated he's assessing your involvement with agriculture? Just, yeah don't look him in the eyes. Usable on NPC's only.



pure iron will burn Zeron like it will with most spirits.

Holy Objects

Blessed artifacts (spear of Longinus), holy water, sacred incense can all hurt and painfully affect Zeron. Salt circles may restrict him or confine him, but never painfully.


old as Zeron is, he is still likely to die if his heart or brain are damaged. Lungs may fill with blood or water and cause death. Blood clots, infection, limb loss; all can bring Zeron to the whim of his mortal coil in peril.

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