Ashlynn is very distrusting at first, even among her own kind. She thinks more realistically and logically than most, giving flat harsh truths if need be. She keeps far from strangers til she can get a read on them. Currently packless.

Name Ashlynn
Gender Female
Age 27
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation Unknown
Player Wendigo Might


Dark black hair, blue eyes, paleish skin. Not much to talk about really. Her clothes are generic and constantly changing.





Ashlynn can transform into an anthropmorphic wolf. A werewolf, one that is white as snow with gold eyes and blackened claws. She is strongest in this form especially under a full moon, with her weakest version being on a night with a new moon. However even at her weakest, Ashlynn is still more powerful than her human form, and much faster.

Ashlynn can change into a medium horse sized wolf. Sporting a slender frame with deep chest and high abdominal tuck with strong legs, its obvious she's built to run. Either as a seeker or chaser, shes perfect to scout or run down a target to tire it out.

Wolf Instincts

Wolves see the world differently from humans. The same goes for werewolves. Gestures, movements, body language, scents, everything is completely different now. Where a person might be indecisive, a werewolf will act more quickly. There's an instinct-driven take to the world around them. A handshake can be a threatening gesture to a werewolf. Little things just stand out in new ways.


It's nearly impossible to kill a werewolf. There are two options: a fair amount of silver or destroy the body faster than it can heal. Small arms fire is almost useless against a wolf. It gets stuck in their body, and pushed out or dissolved by their healing powers. Most wounds will heal within 24 hours. Even after just a few hours significant injuries such as broken bones will have healed enough to move again.

Enhanced Speed/Strength/Senses

In human form Ashlynn can top the best Olympic record sprinters in the world and run farther than any human has been able to run in long distance. This is her best strength. She uses her high endurance to run her prey into the ground, literally. In her werewolf form her speed is doubled, but running along on all fours gives her a top speed of 60mph. At 30mph, Ashlynn can run indefinitely with only the needs to sleep, eat, and use a bathroom to dictate how long she can run for.

Ashlynn comes with heightened senses, mainly sight, scent, and sound. These are amplified further in her shifted werewolf form. Strength: Ashlynn can lift a few heavy things a woman of her stature would have no business lifting. In her wolf form she can break a car into pieces with her fists in second, slam through tough metal doors in minutes and toss significantly sized logs as well. This includes the power of her formidable jaws and ability to force her claws to slice many things.

Curse of the Wolf

Not everything about being a werewolf is good. There are significant downsides. Every full moon, a werewolf will shift into their feral form. There currently are no known methods to stop this. The process can be incredibly painful, especially for new wolves. Within a week of the full moon, a werewolf will become highly contagious. They can infect someone with scratches and bites. At other times, the risk of infection is closer to 1/100. The moon will also impact their mood, with werewolves being antsy and agitated the day of a moon, and often experiencing a hung-over like state the day afterward.



Ashlynn's fur is flammable, meaning she lights up like tinder. Once the fur is burnt off however, she can withstand a little more heat, but not open flame for more than thirty seconds. The only silver lining is she cant become a fireball twice.


Silver knives can cause grievous wounds that burn. Silver bullets can put her down easy.

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