Astrid is a force of nature. Everything she does, she does to the fullest of her ability. It must be done well and it must be done right. Everything has a detailed and ornate plan with back ups built in layers so that failure is simply impossible. She's neurotic about making sure everything goes absolutely perfectly. This extends to using every device and trick to keep her on track. She has extensive notebooks, flash cards, calendars, and color-coded highlights in everything to ensure she stays on track.

This neurotic behavior extends to other areas. She carries first aid kits and emergency supplies with her for everything. There's an NOAA hand crankable radio, emergency shovel, and even tire patching supplies in her car, despite having the spare tire! Everything is taken care of when it's in Astrid's hands. She wants and needs everything to be alright for her pack, her family.

All of Astrid's behaviors stem from Family in the end. She's warm and caring towards them. She spreads herself too thin and ultimately needs her neurotic behaviors so she can never fail. She needs the calendars to remember who's where, when, and for what. She needs her supplies so nothing messes with a plan she's put into action. She cares about her pack and doesn't want to be their point of failure. You can fail her and she won't be upset, she'll just plan around it.

Name Astrid
Gender Female
Age 20s
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation Business Owner/Manager


Astrid dresses professionally wherever she goes. Not in suits and ties, but business-casual clothes that always look good. She's particularly fond of wearing a knee length, flowing skirt over her pants with a nice blouse. The skirt looks nice, but may get ripped off in a fight, so she needs something under it. That's the life of a werewolf: always be careful about what you're wearing, you may not be wearing it for long.

She has blue/grey eyes and blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders. Her looks have been used more than once to seduce an unsuspecting boy or two.



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