Hugo Davis


Hugo's human side is a massive sweetheart, and is gentle by every meaning of the word, he wouldn't purposely hurt a fly. As for Hugo's wolf side, violence comes much more easily, though this wolf tends to be more protective than simply aggressive. A wolf loyal to a fault to his pack and frankly, a follower through and through.

Name Hugo Davis
Gender Male
Age 24
Species Werewolf)
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation Construction Worker
Player Wish


In contrast to his almost pacifistic nature, Hugo's human appearance is rather intimidating, standing 5'10 with a bulky physique, one would expect him to be more of a fighter than the giant teddy bear he is. His wolf form is similarly large, again making him look more threatening than he may really be. Both forms share a brown hair/fur color, though his eye color shifts from brown to a golden color when switching to wolf form.


Hugo used to live a rather simple life. Working construction, paying bills and keeping touch with his distant family was his likely future. A twist he far from expected was becoming a dog. Just last full moon, Hugo happened to be out on a late walk through one of the usually less dangerous sections of the woods, only to find out the hard way that there is no less dangerous part of the woods. Just as he had decided to start back for home, he found himself attacked. A rogue werewolf had wandered onto the same path as Hugo and was soon attacking him in a mindless feral display. It was only by sheer luck that Hugo survived the next week. After finally coming to his senses, Hugo found himself in the company of the Philadelphia pack, who to his luck had taken him in after he was nearly mauled to death, his injuries including bites that inevitably cursed him to be a werewolf as well. Having been such for such a short time, Hugo now has to figure out how to juggle human life and his new wolf side.



Just like any other werewolf, Hugo has greatly enhanced strength, in fact, he got extra lucky in that respect. Hugo is exceedingly physically powerful, capable of lifting a large truck with enough effort.


Hugo also has the enhanced speed of a werewolf, though his is quite unremarkable for a werewolf. The average human couldn't hope to match him in speed, though it isn't too difficult for someone with werewolf level speed.


Hugo possesses the usual sensory increases of any werewolf, hearing, sight and smell. Though being so new to these powers it's easy to overwhelm him.


Hugo's healing factor is another wolf given trait, allowing him to recover from wounds of any sort, so long as he survives long enough for the healing to take place.


Hugo also has the usual telepathy of werewolves, having been taken in by the Philadelphia pack, his telepathic bond lies with them.

Shape Shifting

Hugo, like all wolves, has two different accessible wolf forms, though the anthropomorphic form is difficult and mostly out of his reach for now.


Hugo has all the usual werewolf weaknesses. Silver is incredibly painful and likely lethal, and very hard to recover from. His wolf side's loyal nature is also very easy to exploit, making him no different from the rest of his kind in terms of weaknesses. His wolf side also causes problems for him. His wolf side can be triggered by the smallest things, from a handshake to an attempted hug. These instincts forcing him to have to readjust to life in general before going back to city living.

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