Katelyn Smith

Black Kat


Thrill-seeking, Katelyn may in fact have a death wish considering the risks she takes with her powers.


Name Katelyn
Gender Female
Age 24
Species Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Occupation Security


Kat is a serious-looking woman with shoulder-length wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.


Born to a poor family, Katelyn was raised on the street, became an expert in breaking, entering, pick pocketing. She got to be good with electronics. Her powers manifested in her teen years, but were not used for much thieving, she was too new. Her early criminal records are sealed, she’s now in a gray area, sometimes a thief, sometimes a reliable security expert. It depends on the client/victim. She has a moral code. No stealing from community centers, the rich and corrupt however, are fair game. Despite her criminal history, she’s paid up on taxes, one less avenue to be boned if caught.


Small Arms Training

Katelyn is trained in Krav Maga, small arms, and night sticks.

High Tech

Katelyn is trained in the use of surveillance equipment and sophisticated software used to hack/crack security systems.


By picturing a destination she is somewhat familiar with – and has some idea of where it is in relation to her – Katelyn is able to transport herself, or something nearby, to that location within a fraction of a second. Or she can bring something back from a known location, though she has to know the object and its location in detail. The teleported object can be anything up to the size of a small car.


By picturing the destination at a different scale, Katelyn is able to make things appear at a bigger or smaller size on arrival. (She found this out accidentally by misjudging how far away a visible location was, getting the scale wrong.) By the same token, she is able to recall something to her from a known location, potentially returning said object to normal size.

It is unknown how big she can make something; making it bigger than a small car means that she is unable to teleport it and therefore unable to correct its scale.

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