Patricia Jane McFarland

Patty Jane / Jessica / Trish


Patty Jane was rather conceited and self-serving, a true Diva. Through her master's grooming however, she has been made docile and rather meek. When she doesn't think she is fighting for her survival, she feels compelled to submit to the wishes of those around her.

Name Patty Jane
Gender Female
Age 89 (looks 19)
Species Vampire
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation Lounge Siren


Patty Jane is a slender young woman with pale skin, a heart-shaped face and piercing green eyes, somewhat petite but with a moderately full figure. She is graceful and demure in her mannerisms. and gestures fluidly with her hands as she speaks. Her voice is very melodic, and if she doesn't take breaks in speaking, her audience finds they lose all sense of time.

She tends to be guarded in her expressions and precise in her mannerisms, often gazing at the door as if waiting for someone to come through it.

She has tattoos of bracelets and anklets around her wrists and ankles, 'exotic jewelry' given to her by the master before she turned. They are his permanent branding, manacles of ownership she can never remove.


Before she disappeared, Patty Jane was a promising young singer, a true rising star back in the 50's. The evening she went missing, she was invited to a private party with what she thought was a record producer in Chicago. Instead she found herself auditioning for an eternal spot in the collection of a vampire master.

After she was turned, Patty's voice change from merely beautiful to unearthly and mesmerizing. For the next three decades, she was kept on a short leash working the master's club where she used her talent to lure humans and to lull their senses while vampires fed on them.

Her master was horrifically abusive towards her. At first everything was nice and swell. He was warm and supportive, but soon turned into the evil/manipulative type of scumbag we all know and hate.

None of the others in vampire society really believed it. As a vampire, she could have the snot beaten out of her and a sip of blood would heal her, hide all the evidence.

Sometime about the 80s she had grown comfortable in her place. Her performances slacked off a little, quality of blood wasn't as good (relaxed humans taste sweet while scared, anxious, or excited humans don't). She bragged a bit too much, maybe told a visiting vampire that she was “the real heart of the city” while her “master was just an ass in a chair.”

Retribution was handed down ruthlessly. She had no protection from her master's ill will. The punishment was to be locked in solitary confinement for 60-100 years. Depends how the master felt. She was put in a crate, shelved, and essentially forgotten.



Vampires have an incredibly long lifespan. They're able to recover from just about anything. They grow back their limbs and muscles. Their cuts heal in seconds. Wounds just don't last for a vampire. BUT, this will drain their energy, and blood supply. If they bleed out, they cannot heal.


Vampires can move faster than the human eye can see. This enables a vampire to sneak up on its prey before they can react. In the case of a human, this means a snack before they can think of escaping.


It's true and false that vampires lack a reflection. The reality is more complicated. Vampires can manipulate the light around them. Surveillance footage may only record a muddled, blurry mess if a vampire wants to hide. This works in-person too, making a vampire disappear until the moment they attack.


This is the primary way a vampire has for feeding. They draw in a victim and turn the experience into the hottest, most erotic thing you can imagine. By the time they finish, you want them to bite you. If you look into a vampire's eyes, you're in their power. Everything they say will become fact.

Patty Jane can mesmerize a room of people just by singing. A sustained note from her throat is enough to bewitch all listeners and sway their emotions from fear and sadness to fury or bliss.

Unnatural Physics

Vampires have an uncanny relationship with physics. They can fall fifty yards and land on their feet as easily as if they were merely taking a step forward. They can come to an instant stop if moving under their own volition, or grab onto a surface to stop their fall from any height without injuring themselves. They are also able to climb shear surfaces and cling to them, even upside down, with ease. And they can 'fall upright' from a lying position, just from willing it. At times, their clothing can seem to move oddly against the wind or at jarringly different timing to the vampire's movements.


From the moment a human becomes a vampire, they're literally dead. Their body becomes frozen, as if in stasis. Cells don't age, don't change, they don't even breathe. Their bodies just move. The mechanism for this is magic and life force from the blood they drink. As long as a vampire has blood (and no stake in their heart), they'll live. HOWEVER, madness may set in with age.

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