Sayo Aisaka


Sayo is forgetful and cheerful, scarily so considering the whole… dead thing. She often finds herself toying with random objects of interest, then has so much fun she forgets that other people just see random floating things, which causes a bit of an unintended scare. She also finds herself quickly growing very attached to anyone who doesn't just freak out in her presence.

Name Sayo Aisaka
Gender Female
Age 20
Species Ghost (Human)
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation None
Player Wish


When Sayo chooses to appear, she takes the appearance of a pale skinned, grey haired girl no older than nineteen with dark amber eyes and a white school uniform.


Sayo remembers very little of her past. She doesn't know much about who she was, who she knew or even what she herself was like, or why she was killed. All she knows for sure is that she was killed… Brutally. She doesn't even remember how it happened, though afterwards during her time as a ghost, she found the headlines and papers, telling how an eighteen year old student was found dead in her school in the girls bathrooms… Completely dismembered in one of the stalls. Sayo doesn't know why or how, she only knows that it happened, and it was her death. Now, she spends most of her days in and around the schools, knowing nothing except that she was murdered. How she's still able to hold any amount of joy is a mystery.



Sayo is literally untouchable by almost any means. Bullets, fists, lasers and most magic harmlessly passing through her. This also means she herself cannot physically touch anything.


Sayo is usually completely invisible to all forms of light, and is equally silent unless she chooses to make noise. However, direct moonlight forces her to show herself.


Despite not being able to physically interact with anything, Sayo is able to lift and manipulate small nearby objects telekinetically, giving her some way to interact with her surroundings.


Thanks to being a ghost, Sayo would just fall into the ground if she relied on standing normally. Instead, her method of getting around is levitation, which she does constantly and effortlessly. Using this ability she can basically go anywhere she wants, floating around in whatever direction she pleases.


Sayo is vulnerable to any form of magic geared towards dealing with the dead, and is very easy to get rid of using such. She also has a hard time keeping track of tasks thanks to her forgetful nature, sometimes forgetting some of the simplest things to the point she forgets how a gun works.


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