Zoë Emerson

Bartender Barbie


Zoe is an easy-going woman in her mid-twenties with fair skin, striking ice-blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair that flows to her waist, which she usually keeps in a pair of braids that hang past her shoulder blades. At barely five feet tall, she is petite but does not come off as 'tiny'. Despite her girlish figure, she resisted the fashion of owning the cute and going with a pixie cut; her hair is her pride and joy.

Name Zoe
Gender Female
Age 26
Height 5' 0“
Species Human
Affiliation Civilian
Occupation Bartender


Zoe is rather cheerful and friendly in nature; what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality.


At 5'0”, Zoe is a little on the small side. She spends her nights bartending and is well respected by her patrons, because she is fully capable of sending men out the door on her own. She makes excellent use of threats below the belt to get her point across without actually having to hurt anyone, and she knows a few self-defense moves that allow her to use her low center of gravity to toss men around and twist them into submissive pretzels.


Uncanny Accuracy

Zoe has excellent hand-eye coordination. She is unbeatable at the dart board, even if she is using darts with broken feathers. She has a knack for knowing exactly where her shots or throws are going to land. She can also throw a lot farther than you'd expect, based on her size.


Zoe is supernaturally strong, though she tries not to show any more strength than could be accorded to someone her size. Her slight frame also allows her to move incredibly fast for a human, becoming a blur of motion when facing an opponent.


Zoe is extremely healthy and is capable of taking a beating. She has enhanced resistance to physical injury, though that doesn't make her bulletproof.



Ingested poison is just as bad for her as the average person. Due to her body weight, she is not able to drink as much liquor as larger people, though through exposure she has built up her resistance enough that she can drink a full beer without getting tipsy.


Despite having a nearly impenetrable skin, a blow to the head or an explosive force still has a good chance of knocking her unconscious as her brain rattles around inside her skull.


Her skin is sensitive to the touch. She feels every blow that lands on her, even if it doesn't leave a mark. Electric shocks have full effect on her nervous system.

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