Archy is a geek with a vast collection of books, games, and all the related posters, plushes, and figures to decorate his home. At least, with the normal people. You see him in My Hero Academia shirts and waiting for the next season of the Expanse. He speaks Belter with his pizza guy and Klingon with the girl in the game store. He's your typical geeky guy. There's one thing that sticks out a little: he's decent at taking charge of a situation. If something goes a little wrong, someone gets hurt or a bully shows up, he'll be the first one to act. It's surprised more than a few coworkers to see him take a punch at the bar, then return the favor.

This springing into action is his other side. Even when he was younger and fully human, Archy couldn't quite sit on the sidelines. He was always active, proactive, and trying to be helpful. Most of the time he was just another thing going wrong in all the chaos, but he didn't have the power to be a big thing going wrong. Now? Now he does. All those years of watching super heroes and comics didn't help to weaken his helpfulness. Phil Coulson's words are a particular inspiration, “I can be the Shield.” He'd be the one to take the hit for someone else. It's motivated him to stick his neck out more than he should have. Motivated him to do stupid and dangerous things.

It's hard not to do dangerous things when you can just shrug them off. Bullets? They'll heal. Broken leg? That heals too. If someone can be saved because he's willing to charge through a bullets or breathe air infested with disease, he'll do it. Everything is there, the power and durability to make a difference. He can help and no one can stop him from helping.

There is one catch: his pack. He's protective of his pack. He'd never do anything to harm or jeopardize the pack. In fact, he'd do horrific, villainous things if it meant their safety. It's perhaps his biggest weakpoint. If you can call a pack of werewolves, designed to be the stormtrippers from hell, to take over the world on Armageddon, Ragnarok, and every other doomsday 'weak'. He's avoided going deep into the heroing, for fear of blowing his cover and exposing the others. Their identities as wolves are deeply personal. No one wants something like that to be lose in the wind.

Name Archy
Gender Male
Age 25
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Video Production
Player Archy


Archy is a wolf. To be specific, he's a werewolf. He has three forms, a human, an anthro wolf, and a quadrapedal wolf. Most onlookers would describe him as as powerful and majestic. His fur was long and thick, starting with black fur on his head and back that sublty mixed with coal greys and shades of brown streaks across his body. His chest, belly, and chin were a lighter shade of cream. His eyes are golden, entrancing. They can suck you in if you look on them too long. His scent is a mix of body wash, the forest, and a light touch of something wild, musky, that betrays his lycanthropic nature to all with a sensitive enough nose. As an anthro wolf, he tends to stand at least 6' tall, but he has size-changing powers. He could be far, far bigger. As a feral, he stands taller than most horses, big enogh to look down at a Clydesdale.

In his human form, Archy stands about 6' tall. His hair is somewhere between black and brown, it looks almost like his fur, almost. The mass on his head is some barely controlled chaos, it wants to be curly, but he's somewhat tamed it to lie flat. His eyes are blue, with flecks of gold in them, there's something inhuman about them. At first glance, he might be the quiet guy you overlooked in the classroom. Being a wolf, it's taught him to be unobtrusive. Good hunters don't stand out. He dresses nice enough most of the time: jeans, a geeky t-shirt, and a worn pair of flip flops. It's enough to be comfortable, enough to hide in the crowd, and after destroying his past five favorite shirts from having to shapeshift, he doesn't wear suits or anything particularly fancy often.

The quiet-guy act dies fast when you get his attention. He's… excitable. If you start talking about spider man, he gets animated, hands gesturing, maybe doodling on a napkin about it. Then again, if you get talking about NASA, MHA, programming, editing, you stand no chance of shutting him up. The same goes for even his lewder interests, though he's learned to talk slower then, nudging a foot against you, or slowly smirking as he mentions what a tight fit his werewolf is sometimes. Maybe he's talking about fitting in buildings, or maybe you turn red and he's talking about something else.


Archy was born in the 90s and rather quickly grew up to be a geek. He spent his early years watching Star Trek, reading about the Wright Brothers, and dreaming of being an inventor. Everything inspired him to want to create, from the sci-fi on TV to watching the shuttle launches. Unfortunately, this made him a loner in school. His classmates were reading Captain Underpants and his nose was plunged into the pages of a Ben Franklin biography. At the time, he was disappointed Ben didn't get blown up in a lab accident or something else crazy, befitting a great scientist (Otto Octavius was a fine example).

The real world didn't align with his view of science. You couldn't disappear into a lab, spend a day tinkering, and emerge with a medical breakthrough like The Doctor or fly a starship called a Puddle Jumper through a wormhole across the galaxy. Somewhere in high school, he learned to embrace his creative spirit in the one outlet that welcomed his ideas: art. Class writing assignments were good places to practice sci-fi and the Media Classes were a good place to practice practical effects. There's also a good few stories from being on Stage Crew. It's your typical high-school creatives' life. Despite that, he never lost the interest in science. Archy excelled in all his classes, but science was still a favorite. Computer programming was still a favorite. Programming was creative too, it was an art form where you could make anything you wanted.

College was a busy time. He still hadn't found a crowd he wanted to hang with. In school, he was the kid with the sciency-books. In college, he was the guy who never stopped working. There were dozens of student films and broadcast projects he worked on. His own projects were reflections of his mood. The first short film was about depression (his floormates were stoners, no sci-fi geeks to hang with), the second was just fun action, and so on. Graduation couldn't come fast enough.

After college, Archy found work in various production studios. There was a bit of contractor hopping from place to place before he landed in a niche as the animator, vfx, and everything guy at a nice little studio. They took on special effects projects for major productions, occasionally made a documentary all in-house, and things were going really well. It was a bachelor's life, though after the third girl who thought Captain Kirk was Vader's son, he started to lose hope. Then came the wolves.

Getting bitten is a traumatic experience. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're lying or were never bitten. In Archy's case, it was a warm summer night. He'd just bought his first telescope and found his way out to the middle of nowhere for a good view of the stars. Living in the city, he'd stood no chance of seeing any stars from the roof of his apartment complex. The woods were quiet that night, he'd set up camp in a clearing: a hammock with some blankets on it. There was a gun on the tailgate of his truck, but there'd been no signs of anything dangerous. The worst he'd find, maybe a bear or a bobcat. Make some noise and they usually run off rather than face an unknown like a human.

Archy had been bent down looking up at the moon when it happened. A dark shape threw him to the ground. His arms flailed, trying to beat on it. He was no small guy. It wasn't enough though. The wolf had dug in and was flailing him around. All that scared it off was the howl of another wolf. It left him there, he'd have died if it were a regular wolf. It wasn't, of course. He had passed out after being bitten, waking the next morning, dazed and confused. The effects of being bitten take days to pass. There's a sickening delirium, fever dreams. He faced them alone at first, lacking enough coordination and energy to even bother trying to reach a hospital.

On the fourth day, someone from the Pack found him. His scent carried on the wind, a strange werewolf. They came to investigate. Just a few nights before, they'd found a rogue wolf in their territory and taken care of it. It happened every now and then, a wolf invades with the intention of overthrowing the pack leaders, taking over. They try to get a one on one fight with the alpha. In the old days, that would've worked. More modern wolves, challenging the alphas is also often a challenge to the whole pack. That is, you only get to fight their leader if they let you. They weren't going to let the invader get that chance. In the midst of fleeing, he'd stumbled on Archy, was probably going to eat him.

After that, Archy moved in with the pack. He worked his way up in the rank structure. Oddly, the wolves were more welcoming and interested in what he liked. His enthusiasm for projects and learning played well with them. If a wolf wanted help, he was there. It earned him respect in the pack and slowly moved him up the ladder. One of the things wolves value most is having someone there for them. It helps a lot. A strong alpha doesn't just enforce the rules, they also make themselves present to guide and help the others.

Currently, Archy still works for a studio in the city. He maintains his apartment as an emergency place to live or as a vacation home from the wolves when he needs it. Most of the time he lives in the underground house with the pack. The politics of the supernatural world have become more troublesome lately. The local vampires have been up to no good. There's rumors of a skinwalker outside town. A neighboring pack has had issues with a demon. Something big is coming.



As a werewolf, his form isn't set in stone. He starts as a human, but can turn into a feral or anthro wolf on command. These forms are bigger than a normal wolf. His feral form can get to be about the size of a horse if he pours enough magic into it. In either form, he becomes a massive, brute of a creature, capable of smashing through walls, taking a beating, and tearing people in half with his bare hands.

Wolf Instincts

Wolves see the world differently from humans. The same goes for werewolves. Gestures, movements, body language, scents, everything is completely different now. Where a person might be indecisive, a werewolf will act more quickly. There's an instinct-driven take to the world around them. A handshake can be a threatening gesture to a werewolf. Little things just stand out in new ways.


It's nearly impossible to kill a werewolf. There are two options: a fair amount of silver or destroy the body faster than it can heal. Small arms fire is almost useless against a wolf. It gets stuck in their body, and pushed out or dissolved by their healing powers. Most wounds will heal within 24 hours. Even after just a few hours significant injuries such as broken bones will have healed enough to move again.

Enhanced Speed/Strength/Senses

The biggest improvement is in physical power. Even in human form, a werewolf is stronger than near any man alive. They're able to move, lift, and jump in inhuman ways. On top of that, senses like hearing, smell, and nightvision are greatly enhanced. It's an all around upgrade package. Werewolves were made to be the stormtroopers of the apocalypse. Their bodies were built for war. This makes them very nearly unstoppable, especially when they have numbers on their side.

Curse of the Wolf

Not everything about being a werewolf is good. There are significant downsides. Every full moon, a werewolf will shift into their feral form. There currently are no known methods to stop this. The process can be incredibly painful, especially for new wolves. Within a week of the full moon, a werewolf will become highly contagious. They can infect someone with scratches and bites. At other times, the risk of infection is closer to 1/100. The moon will also impact their mood, with werewolves being antsy and agitated the day of a moon, and often experiencing a hung-over like state the day afterward.

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