Doctor Chase Graham Pierce

Doctor Illusion


Chase is a performer, to the average person. He loves to use a mix of comedy and magic in his act. The laughs distract and the magic gets the cheers. This can sometimes take the form of clever pranks as he does the literal impossible before the crowd. He’s been known to mess with hecklers the most, making things disappear and reappear, without going anywhere near them. They provide the best laughs. Most never learn their lesson, so they’re an easy, endless supply of entertainment for his audience. But that’s on stage. He views his “everyday life” as the real act.

Away from people, he has a persona much closer to Bruce Wayne. He is intense, focused, and driven. There’s a purpose to his steps, something of urgency that always needs to be done. The world has problems, and he’s always working to fix them. A few harsh mistakes have taught him that he cannot ever let up. His life was focused, realizing that each moment is essential, never take life for granted, and never play it safe. He’d rather die a hero than live a long life a failure. Not that killing him should be undertaken lightly.

Name Dr. Chase Graham Pierce
Gender Male
Age 29
Species Human (Magician)
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Performer
Player Archy


Chase is obsessed with looking perfect. Many women would describe him as drop-dead handsome, and deserving of a spot in the top ten’s of most magazines. Some might say he deserves all ten of those top ten slots. He’s clean shaven, with short cut hair; brilliant, green eyes; and a dazzling smile. From there down, he wears a full suit and either a tie or bow tie. It leaves him looking like the next James Bond.

This plays well with his on-stage persona. He’s a gracious host, sucking in the audience with his smile, as he sets them up for a laugh or a victim for the next big prank. The audience smiles as he walks smoothly across stage. “I had a hell of a time coming in tonight.” Pause, “oh, it wasn’t the traffic. I’d like to see you try to parallel park a flying carpet sometime.” And on cue, a carpet flies across the stage. The audience laughs.

As a hero, remarkably little changes. He wears a helmet over his face to conceal his identity and offer some form of protection. There’s a visor of sorts that appears to be where his eyes should be, except it’s made of solid, shiny metal. His suit undergoes a color change, becoming bright white instead of his stage-black or dark blue. He’ll wear a top hat as well, which plays a role in his magic.




Chase is incredibly cunning. He’s studied magic, science, and forensics for most of his life. He has a deep breadth of knowledge in these fields, the ability to breakdown and analyze anything he comes across. Part of it is solving how ‘magic’ works, part of it is reverse engineering crimes.


The realm of magic is vast and powerful. He doesn’t rely on mere parlor tricks. His work is actual magic. When he makes your watch disappear, it is gone. You can search the theater, strip him, and burn it to the ground. You’re not getting the watch back until he gives it to you. His spells span a wide range, from levitation to fire, ice, and teleportation. Some of these require potions or special ingredients, making them more complex set ups more suitable to traps.

Fake Magic

To make up for the shortcomings of real magic, the doctor enlists a number of more practical effects. He carries smoke bombs, spring loaded daggers at his wrists, caltrops, and various other odds and ends. His favorite is his anti-mugger wallet. Open it up and it lights on fire and won’t go out until you do the secret thing to turn it off. Closing it only makes things worse.


As a human, Chase suffers from several major weaknesses:

1. He is not bulletproof or resistant to anything by nature. Get the drop on him and kill him fast. He’s done for.

2. Magic takes time. Some of his attacks can be done with a word and a flick of the wrist, but most of the powerful ones require elaborate spells and set ups. They’re things that cannot be done in a hurry.

3. Limited Supplies and Magic. He can only call on the earth, the elements, or his own reserves of magic for so long before depleting them and needing to stop. He can do a bunch of small stuff all day long, or something really big for five minutes. His stash of more human tricks is limited, preventing him from doing too much crazy stuff.

4. Slower Healing Times. Due to the strain of magic, once he starts tapping into his own inate, inner reserves of magic, all healing will be delayed. That’s not to say as a human it’s not slow already, but it becomes worse. Bleeding becomes a bigger issue from anemia and it becomes easier to catch diseases.

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