Endrai can easily be considered a “Gentle Giant”. She might be intimidatingly tall, but she's quite a sweetheart. Those who don't know her all that well will observe bestial behaviors, like running on all fours, sniffing everything she isn't familiar with, and cuddling up to people as a form of affection. When she fights, she's savage and quick on her feet. Aside from that though, she's pretty clingy and lovey dovey to those she considers friends or family.

Name Endrai
Gender Female
Age ~200
Species Alien (Enderfolk)
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Pizza Delivery
Player Yeti4Dayz


Endrai is a tall humanoid entity, standing at 9“ tall. Her skin is a dusky and slightly faded purple. Her eyes have light pink sclera and purple corneas, and tend to glow in the dark. Her arms are proportionally longer than those of humans, and her hands are bigger. She doesn't have feet, her legs ending in smooth stubs which she can easily balance on. Outside of work, She usually wears a black hoodie, a purple tank top, and basketball shorts. She almost always wears a black and purple blindfold with a green eye on the front, as to not accidentally make eye contact with people.


Since Endrai can't speak any known human languages, not much is known about her past. It's presumed that she was trained to be a warrior at some point, since she shows excellent fighting capabilities.


Alien Physiology

Due to her otherworldly physiology, Endrai can take a lot more punishment. She can withstand blunt force trauma quite a lot more than humans, but other forms of damage (slashing, piercing, fire, etc) effect her normally. Despite this, however, her anatomy is very similar to that of Humans with the exception of an “Enderpearl” that sits right under her heart and bones that're twice as dense as those of humans. She even has mammary glands and a reproductive system.


By chattering her teeth, Endrai can replicate the effects of echolocation. Using echolocation, she can create a detailed map of her environment. She can't see motion, but she can usually tell when something has moved.


Through the use of an Enderpearl that sits right below her heart, Endrai can teleport up to 100 feet in any direction as long as it isn't being occupied. Teleporting this way lets her carry momentum through the transition. If she isn't careful, however, her pearl can “burn out”.

Enhanced Speed

Another effect of her Alien Physiology, Endrai can move at incredible speeds if she so desires. She isn't as fast as a Speedster, but she can easily reach 35 MPH when running.



Coming into contact with water, water vapor, or ice burns Endrai's skin like acid. The severity of the burns depend on how much water she comes into contact with.

Eye Contact

If anyone makes direct eye contact with her, there's a good chance she'll fly into a fit of rage and attack them. I put this under Weaknesses, because more often than not, she ends up harming random passerbys and people she cares about.

Light Sensitivity

Since she was born and raised in the dark environments of The End, Endrai's eyes aren't used to bright light. When unblindfolded and in direct view of light, whether it be sunlight or fire, she's blinded until she can return to shade or cover her eyes.

Noise Pollution

Endrai's echolocation is weakened when sufficient noise is produced around her. Her mental map of the environment is “fuzzy and unclear”, but she can still make out general shapes and forms of people and objects.

Enderpearl Charge/Overuse

Endrai needs to let her Enderpearl charge before she can teleport again. This often takes a few seconds, depending on how far she teleports. If she teleports in rapid succession, her Enderpearl can “burn out” and can't be used again until she rests at least 8 hours. If she tries to use it before this, she teleports to a random location and experiences a sharp pain in her head.

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