Faith Valentine


She can open up about how she is to people she considers her friends, but that is basically an achievement for those who can withstand her rather direct and more cautious actions for even if she has something that could be dangerous to wield, she doesn't use it lightly, especially since the cave.


First off, Faith didn't really had much of a choice when it came to how she looked. Often wearing warm clothes or a jacket as her favored attire for anything, she favored that for someone who is 5 '7 in height. Though her hair was supposed to remain black, but now it seemed to choose the color of white which she had spent all day using hair dye to keep a majority of it black while the tips were still white.

Name Faith Valentine
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Conduit
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Unemployed


Faith once disliked hair dye, it seemed a bit weird to disguise real hair with a variety of colors and make it all fashionable. But one day, if you asked how she changed her mind about it…she'd tell you only one part of the truth.

The world questioned many things as many generations passed, some new and some old as life passed on, and one of those moments was temporary missed by all but one girl, and it wasn't even intentional. Faith wanted to avoid all the trouble that life gave her, school, the pressure of one day obtaining a job, and even finding a guy to date as requested by her parents. So one day she decided to risk everything by taking a long walk from town. At first it seemed alright, she didn't see much but it all felt good to her, right until she decided to go into a cavern to explore for a bit and consider it a possible home if she ever wanted to avoid all the trouble she will no doubt experience soon. That moment however brought her to an metal sphere lying on the ground, and on accident, she brought it to life.

In one moment, she found herself lying on the floor, a bright light shining on her as she barely remembered what happened. She was only told that the cavern had collapsed, and she barely survived it, her body lying dormant for a long while. Then she saw herself in the mirror, her hair wasn't the same as before, it was white as snow.

The most positive thing she could find about this was that she didn't have to go to school for a while, but another good reason came when she had her arm stretched nearly to the lamp on the ceiling one day, the light bulb had been drained just with a hand, her own. Locking herself in her room, she spent the rest of the day freaking out to herself about what happened, it couldn't have happened, that was impossible. Yet as she started to absorb the light in her own room, it almost made her pass out. But then she suddenly launched a energy ball out of her hands and damaged the wall. That made her pass out.

That metal sphere did something to her, she got powers from it, but why and how? She didn't know and she had yet to go back to the cave to search for it if it was even there. For now, she could only focus on where she stood today. She had powers and with that, she needed to know how it worked. During her stay in her home, she tested out her abilities on broken items and even attempted to jump over the home, but she hadn't notice until too late that her abilities seemed to have attracted a sort of discomfort with her parents, she couldn't blame them for the fear they may have had when she hadn't heard a word from them since, they weren't in the house weeks later as she now had to deal with making the most of her living situations.

Then as time was going on, and the bills were slightly increasing, she had to get out of the house soon. But she couldn't exactly head out as she was, so she raided the bathroom and took a while to dye her hair black, but the tips of her white hair remained. She considered it better than nothing at least. And that was why she liked hair dye now.

Taking a whole bunch of packaged food, and even taking a portable light source, she walked away from her home and headed out to a different place, one she could hope will be able to make her understand herself a bit more better.


Light is her main power, if she could even call it a power.


Her common use of her powers is from launching light-balls (Temporary name she considered until she can think of a better one).

Light Rockets

Light Rockets are manifested and can launch a bit far, but only in a straightforward path and if she can provide enough focus to keep the arm aimed in one position, once its manifested, it can't stop, as is with the case of when she ruined a vintage television set in the backyard one day.

Boost Jumping

She can leap upwards as her powers can bring her up a few feet, but not up to large buildings, she often thinks that she'll end up crashing through a window. The most she attempted this was only her own house which was about 2 feet.


With the lights active on both hands, she can lower down to the ground from any feet without any injuries, if she had any fear of heights, then that'd be a way to help her deal with the situation.


She has to absorb light sources in order to use any powers that weren't passive, she wouldn't last long in any possible fight if she got in any. She often has to carry a portable energy source to recharge herself, though she could only hope that she doesn't waste it.


Faith is not considered to be a fighter, as noted by her classmates back in high school. She could only go for single fist attacks or a kick between the legs, and she knows that she couldn't exactly use her powers all the time since that is only one advantage to getting through issues in life.

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