Jacob Parker


In his normal everyday life, Jacob comes off as lazy, pessimistic and constantly sarcastic. When putting on the persona of the speedy vigilante, he acts the complete opposite, an energetic ball of optimism and tryhard.

Name Jacob Parker
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Student
Player Wish


Jacob stands 5'9“ with a thin, athletic build. He has blue eyes, short black hair and slightly tanned skin. He wears a grey hoodie, a white bandana, black sunglasses and black sweats when running out as his vigilante persona.


Jacob Parker was just your average kid. Lagging in highschool, arguing with parents, obsessing over video games, the usual. Until two weeks ago. Near him lives a little girl, no more than eight, and she was the sweetest thing, everyone in the neighborhood loves her. One day as he was walking home from his school, he noticed her in the street chasing after a ball she kicked out presumably accident. Normally this wouldn't be such a problem, but not only was the girl preoccupied, but there was a truck not far away coming up right towards her… Jacob didn't even think. Running out in the street in hopes of grabbing the kid and continuing out of the way, but by the time he got to the kid, the truck was on them. Time slowed, all he could see was the fear on the little girl's face, he couldn't hear anything as he wrapped his arms around the child, the truck about to trample them both… And it passed. The truck continuing on its path, but something was off. Jacob and the child were now both on the sidewalk, and not as paste, but they were both alright. Jacob remembered what happened, but the girl seemed too out of it to really know what just happened. Later, Jacob sat in his room trying to figure out how he did what he did. Soon he decided the only way to figure out how he did it was to do it again. That night, he ran forty miles in five minutes. He was a god damn superhuman. After a bit of thinking, he decided to keep his newfound speed to himself. It wasn't until now he cobbled up the courage and crappy outfit to run out and try to use his power for something.



Jacob is capable of moving at extreme speeds, often faster than the eye can track. His current top speed being close to mach 1 (Though he doesn't know it yet). He can run at extreme speeds consistently for about half an hour before fatigue gets to him. He also has agility that matches his raw speed, allowing him to move quickly even in tight spaces and make unrealistically sharp turns in an instant, as well as make quick acrobatic moves at high speeds.


Along with Jacob's movement speed, his perception also has been greatly enhanced, able to process the world around him at speeds that make a bullet seem slower than a baseball to him. This perception boost is constant, leading to a very impatient speedster.


Jacob is also quite durable, though this mostly comes in the form of resistance against the heat and friction of his run. He can withstand all the force of moving through the air at high speeds easily and even withstand running straight into a solid object without major injury (though it would more than likely leave him hurt, stunned, and/or unconscious).


Not only is he fast, but unbeknownst to him, Jacob can only get faster. With every step he runs, Jacob's top speed ever so slowly increases. In short, the more he runs, the faster he gets.


Despite his speed and defense, Jacob almost completely lacks any fighting skill. While he can run, jump, kick down doors and fall off buildings, he is not a fighter in the least, and would be crushed in any confrontation. He also needs to take in considerably more calories in order to maintain his speed, less tacos = a slower, less energetic Jake. His durability is mostly limited to heat and wind resistance, though he can take a hit, he can't just power through brick walls without consequence.

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