Kyoko Sumida


Kyoko is a busy body, and also usually has her eyes fixated on headlines of all kinds both on paper, tv, and her phone. The newsy type of person that can't help but dig for information. This, and her steadfast loyalty to friendship, has driven her to try and find out what happened to her best friend Jade. A more neutral type person with a deep respect for her own abilities.

Name Kyoko Sumida
Gender Female
Age 24
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Hero/Student
Player Wendigo Might


Kyoko is mostly a plain clothes wearing type of girl that has a few parts of her wardrobe from the more expensive stores to be exact. She likes monochrome colors and natural earth tones. She has reading glasses, probably from how much she reads wearing on her sight. She has dark brown eyes and straight cropped black hair cut mid shoulder length.


Kyoko was sent over from her home country to help bolster the ranks of Yakuza in a growing city. Once in America, she made quick friends with Jade Mori, the supposed heiress of the branch Kyoko was sent to. For the past years she has been the only person Kyoko really knew in the country and considered a friend. She had only mild control over wind and air pressure. She taught herself how to control it, strengthening it and molding to her likeness to be able to knock people over, out of her way, and to hover over the ground by a few inches. About a half year ago, during the bombing crisis, Kyoko was effected by the scattered virus. It strengthened her ability, and she quickly adapted to use it more than just to float. She fully weaponized it, making her combat capable by a high degree. Because of this she was entrusted as Jade's body guard in lieu of Alex when he was incapable of entering where Jade went.



Her control of air via compression and expansion to conjure up sharp blasts as well as churn out vortexes and small whirlwinds.


Kyoko will rapidly compress and then expand a spance of air to throw items or people with air pressure or “wind”. This short blast works more like an air cannon: its over instantly with the most damage done in the first second. However the blast is strong enough to send a sedan rolling sideways for six feet. It's a close range attack best to gain distance in a fight, as it only has a 15 ft range. The farther back the less force. At 15 feet, you're likely only to be staggered by a 200mph blast.


Kyoko will hover herself by forcing the air under her to extreme stress from rapid compression and expansion to generate a circulating cushion of air. So long as there is a surface 5ft under her, a person close by, or an object, she can float. However, she can only hover things and people as close as five feet


Generating a dense cushion of compressed air, either under her as she floats, another person or in a designated spot, she can then expand it, vaulting herself or the target ten feet up. Jump as you hit the apex for a tiny bit more height. This can also create openings by tossing unwary enemies.

Cyclone Blast

A charge up attack that takes focus and three seconds. Kyoko will start by creating a vortex around her arms, either one or both. Once started, she will begin to compress the air around her arms more and more into a dense cyclone of compressed air. Once she hits a certain speed, she can then use a second blast with a release of the compression to send a swirling vortex over her target, and hold it for twenty to thirty seconds by constantly funneling more air into the releasing compressed air. It takes too much concentration to move aside from sweep her arms, and she gets outpaced by it and cannot fuel it after thirty seconds at the most. The Cyclones have a reach of twenty five feet, and a wind speed of 150mph trying to push you back and thrash you.

Maelstrom Barrier

A swirling vortex similar to what she can coil around her arms to launch is generated around her. It's powerful enough to knock people off balance and hold them at bay 5 feet from her. However, she can't hold it longer than a minute, or if she must focus on something intensely. Projectiles have the ability to punch through with varying degrees of success given velocity. To that extent, anything traveling over 90mph has the ability to hit her on target through the maelstrom.


Changing Air Pressure

Kyoko can only handle so much fluctuation in air pressure before she can't adjust fast enough and looses control. Lighter gases are a no go, especially in high percentages. Thus high elevation and thinner air is a bad thing to. It breaks up her compressed air.

Human Mortality: if it kills a human, it'll kill Kyoko. Bullets don't need to be silver. Even a small bleeding cut may develop an infection that could kill her.

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