Leah/Lee Wiship

The Hound


Leah, or Lee strives to be a good person despite the instinctual habits of who they are causing a tug of war in nearly everything they do. Born a wendigo, Lee/Leah lead a life of quiet solitude, avoiding civilization as much as they could. They remember the prosecutions and bullying of her childhood and young adult life. However their tempter can be rather short, they are helplessly prone to violence, and like the rest of their kind prefer to wall themself off from the world around them. At times they can also be blindly naive or compassionate, protecting villains from the wrath of other heroes that want to kill them, and proposing that they are worthy of second chances or not truly evil after all. They are one of the most well known heroes due to being very open about their work, and trying to break the cycle of the wendigo's misanthropic nature.

Name Leah/ Lee Wiship
Gender Trans/Gender Fluid
Age 30
Species Wendigo
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Hero


On the outside Leah, or Lee looks like your average every day person. They tend to wear normal generic clothes, going to the gym at Rush's compound regularly, and their most notable features over their muscles are dozens of ivory scars against olive toned skin. Aside from piercing golden eyes, there's not much to captivate people with, especially with dark brownish black hair that has no additional color. Though they do somewhat look as if they have sharper than the norm teeth, this doesn't seem to put off many people without good reason. It's important to note that Lee/Leah is considered a pro hero. Leah/Lee looks rather primal when doing her hero stuff in Feral Form.. A dark fur mantle that grows about their shoulders and as a crest down the back of the neck makes them look massive and more muscled than they are. Jack boots tend to be the footwear of choice, but get kicked off for the change to feral form. Do not be fooled with the over sized clothes. Because when Leah/Lee decides to go Feral, it takes up all the slack in their clothes. For more on the Feral Form, see Abilities.




Voice Mimicry

As a wendigo, Leah/Lee has the ability to copy a person's voice regardless of gender. He can also do this with many animal sounds. This is handy when controlling their dog.

Feral State

Leah/Lee can change their form into your typical wendigo one. Canine in nature they gain a long tail of shaggy dark fur, exceptionally long limbs, sharp sizable claws, long teeth, antlers, and tall ears. Lee's antlers look much like that of a white tail deer's, although more jagged and pointed at the tine's tips like daggers, while being supported on a thicker main beam. Their eyes are bright yellow against a red sclera, with the face baring white and black markings resembling a skull. In this form Lee/Leah loses the ability to speak as the vocal cords are also warped. They gain several feet in height with their head hitting just under 8ft, and antlers topping off the supposed height at 9ft total.

Intimidating Presence

Aside from their hulking form, a glare and a sudden burst of a yell from their lungs can stun even the most hardened criminal or vile being, though it has some limits on other supernaturals. Lee/Leah is capable of making a similar smaller wendigo rattle in their normal form, but in Feral State, Leah/Lee is capable of a wail that can be heard for even miles.

Wendigo Might

Leah/Lee is strong. Even in normal form she gains the ability to lift 2,500lbs on her own. With training at Rush' compound and in Feral form, the maximim weight to lift is now 3,200lbs. And growing!

Wendigo Agility

Dense muscles and being a wendigo grant Leah/Lee with speed fast enough to keep up with vehicles, as well as clear 75 meters in a single lunge in any direction. Lunging is faster to get around with than running.

Inhuman Durability

Leah/Lee can withstand many wounds and blows. Their skull is impervious to all but silver. Muscle acts as a soft form of armor, slowing small caliber bullets before it hits organs. They can survive a shot to the heart for 24 hours. However, like all wendigos, they are weak to silver and fire.

Dark Gauntlets

Leah/Lee can turn their hands up to their elbows or shoulders, as well as their legs up to the knee into Feral Form, granting them a longer reach, stronger grip, harder strikes and claws like blades.

Assigned Gender

Leah/Lee can shift their gender at will, although it will always snap back to female in the end once they're done holding it. This is handy in case they've been discovered and is trying to hide in a crowd, or throw off a search. They can hold it for a maximum of eight hours. They can even go genderless.


Lee/Leah in wendigo form has an impressively long tongue like the rest of their species. It can reach a full 13 inches outside of the maw and is extremely flexible. On top of that, their saliva is slightly more acidic than your normal human's; not only working to destroy harmful bacteria and microbial colonies in foods to let them eat safely, but it works well with cleaning wounds like rubbing alcohol without the sting.

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