Lorelei McKellar

Lori Kelly


Lorelei is empathic and outgoing. She wants everybody to be happy, though she does have a dark side.


Name Lorelei “Lori” McKellar
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Nephelim
Affiliation Hero
Occupation None


Lorelei McKellar is a young woman in her late teens, 5'3“ tall with a slender figure, small breasts and hips, with curly red hair tied back in a fox-tail (bushy red pony tail) using a bright green scrunchy. She is wearing jeans and jean jacket and a pair of grey slip-on shoes with no socks. She carries a soft leather tote bag (or is it a huge purse?) under one arm.


By the time she turned thirteen, Lorelei discovered she had psychic powers. She could read peoples' surface thoughts and emotions, boost their emotions (especially fear and lust), and even play mind tricks on groups of people, make them see things that only existed in her imagination. She was also able to read psychic impressions left on objects (psychometry), almost like she was tasting the psyche of the previous owner. She then found out that she could satisfy an inner thirst through kisses, drinking from a person's very life force. With each kiss, a part of her grew stronger, a darkness within her that urged her to do cruel things. This she called her big sister. By the time she turned seventeen, another voice had awoken within her, this one, angelic and sweet, was able to help her resist the darkness. It even taught her how to heal, by giving of her own life force. This she called her little sister.

In truth, she is angelic progeny, an attempt by two angels to procreate and make another angel. They had to cheat, and use a human soul to glue together two slivers of angelic essence.


Psychic Powers

Lorelei has an impressive range of mental and extra sensory abilities, including minor telepathy, receptive empathy, 'group sourced' minor psychic vampirism, minor telekinesis, clairvoyance, psychometry, minor pyrokinesis, astral projection, future visions

Psychic Vampire

Lorelei is able to feed off a crowd's energy, so the more excited they are, the better she can feed. This replenishes her energy to a certain extent and allows her to keep using her powers.

Demonic Powers

The demon part of Lorelei is able to feed on the life force of a human more directly, enough to heal her and fuel her angelic powers. It also performs stronger versions of her psychic abilities (projective telepathy and empathy (altering people's thoughts and feelings), major telekinesis, pyrokinesis) and can alter Lorelei's appearance significantly, including but not limited to growing claws, changing her height and build, ethereal wings (wings of shadow that can act like tendrils that invisibly tap into and trap peoples' minds).

Tulpa: Leraie is able to manifest her will as a small puppet creature, known as a tulpa. This creature can be of any shape the demon requires, will think and do as it is commanded, and can be possessed by the demon for a time.

Angelic Powers

The angel part of Lorelei can heal herself and others though doing so drains her life force. She also has ephemeral wings (wings of light that can act like tendrils and sever psychic connections and cure mind control), psychokinetic armour, precognition, grace, and true sight.

Grace: There is a reason demons feared angels and not the other way around. The Fallen were bereft of their Grace and forbidden to ever touch it again. Lailah is able to fill her body with Grace, protecting it from the touch of a demon or supernatural evil. Demons touching her grace will start to burn. She is also able to manifest a sword of light from this Grace.


Physical death does not seem to be enough to destroy Lorelei. She has simply reincarnated elsewhere with severe memory loss.

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