Nieve Blanc


If anything would describe Nieve the first thing would be Independent. From being an Innocent, Naïve pup, she had now moved on. No longer cowering over her traumatic past. She set out to uncharted lands with bravery, cautious. Seeking for any remnants of her origins while meeting new friends and gaining life experiences along the way.

Name Neive Blanc
Gender Female
Age 20
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Traveler/Hunter


At first sight, most people would notice her eyes, It’s hard to miss the two-tone pupil, with right being golden and left an aqua hue. Other notable features we’re her over the shoulders creamy white hair, a bit like platinum blonde. Only that she’s natural. All of her body hair would have the same color. Pale skin as white as snow. Lean and muscular built body from all the fighting and running. Nieve could be saw wearing hunter clothes, something light, versatile. Her wardrobe style often changes- you couldn’t even see her wearing the same outfit ever. (As she’d often tear them as she transform.)


Somewhere on a snowy mountains of Mount Blanc, Nieve was raised by an old lady in a rural village. She was an orphan, was told that both of her parents passed away- and so that’s what she believed. She became aware of odd villagers behaviors when she’s present, they’ll take their kids away so she wouldn’t go close to befriends with them, shunned her with harsh words, saying she’s a curse, bad omen that sooner or later would destroy their village. Only grandma- the old lady she called, were genuinely caring and nice. One night of full lunar, when she’s about 15 years old, she had a long vivid dream of wolves- being shot, slaughtered, stabbed to death. She was also one of them taking a form as a pup- hiding away in fear with an adult female wolf. It seemed dreadful, worried. Turning to her, speaking. “I’m sorry, I had to do this. Take care of yourself. Remember us. Remember who you are. I love you.” After that, there was blinding light, Nieve woke up, pained, crying. The dream burned into her like a long distant memory. “Mother-“ She muttered. Something else happened that night, she was in shock, her clothes were everywhere- torn to pieces. She’d look at her hand which is now a paw… and freaked out. Even her noises were growling and whimpers, it alarmed the old lady. Just after discovering there’s a wolf in her home and Nieve was nowhere to be found, she yelled for help. Poor Nieve ran as fast as she could out of the lady’s hut and into the woods.


Nieve would have enhanced ability a keen to a wolf’s, this includes strength, endurance, speed, hearing, smelling. But she also has powers/ability that she specialized in.


Ice manipulation, generating and controlling them during levitation. Any type of shape and form of ice she imagines in her mind. To an extent could freeze off an object, a person- to the point they would easily shatter. Though to freeze and shatter an object/living things, she would need to come in direct contact with it.

Enhanced Senses

Nieve is good at tracking down enemies, able to pick up a train even though it’s two weeks old, when focused she could hear 10 miles away, hear surroundings heartbeats. She could also able to glean more information than normally possible from something by smelling it. Most of the times, just a whiff of the air was enough.


Due to enhanced senses, Nieve alertness sometimes get into a whole new level, by watching the slightest movement of a muscle, she could predict an attack accurately. Much more like a reflex which helps her dodge and counter-attack efficiently. Sometimes, it’s also could be from pure instinct.

Shape Shifter

She has two forms, one was the normal wolf albeit… three times the size of a normal wolf. The other is a gianormous monster wolf, roughly 15ft tall and nearly 45ft long.

Embrace Nudity

The title says it all. If not- Nieve just didn’t mind being nude.

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