Radar is an outgoing yet shy person. She's secretly manipulative, nudging things in the 'best direction' possible. Most of the time she's persistent, quietly slipping from the background to make a nudge and then disappearing back to her work. Over the years she's spread throughout the lab to have her hands in paperwork across the facility. It's difficult to find something she's not touched. Despite her patience, she does have a temper when pressed.

Name Radar
Gender Female
Age Mid-20s
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Mad Labs Worker
Player Archy


Radar is most frequently seen in nice dresses and skirts around the lab, generally dress/formal office appropriate clothes. As an office worker, she's not generally required to wear a uniform like the rescue teams are.


Radar is one of the first workers to join the hero initiative at the lab. Dr. Rush recruited her straight from High School. She was constantly bullied for always being 'too good.' Some teachers thought she cheated on tests. Some classmates pegged her as some manipulative witch, trying to steal their boyfriends/girlfriends/etc. When her powers manifested, she didn't have a good handle on how to use and understand them. There had never been a chance to work it out or hear from anyone with experience on the matter. All she could do was stumble through life.

With a fairly benign power, she made an ideal candidate for Rush to study when he first began looking into enhanced people in more detail. It was easy pay for her and a good way to escape a troubled life. The lab work studying her slowly worked out the 'rules' of her power. The method of action is still completely unknown, but they understand what happens, when. It's better than nothing. This studying ultimately acted as training, showing her how to use her abilities. She became good at using them to get people to agree with her or to otherwise shape the future. Rush caught on pretty quickly and has managed to be one of the few people she couldn't steer.

The close interactions and his effect in turning her life around instilled a sharp sense of loyalty. Her glimpses of the future helped spur that sense onward. It wasn't surprising when Rush offered her full time work. At first she hoped to be one of the heroes she'd seen in her visions, but her hopes were dashed when he put her in the offices. He would explain, “if you could see the future this gives you, you'll understand.” It took her a few years to realize, this position would let her observe, babysit, and nudge the organization's actions, with enough careful planning.


Future Sight

Radar's name is earned. She can predict the future, a living temporal radar. She can't directly pick something she wants to see, she has to manipulate the conditions around her to trigger and control what she sees. Her visions are not necessarily fact, but a complex, branching web of possibilities. She frequently explains it as pruning a tree so it grows towards the sun.


Radar is able to store her insights and visibly share them through physical contact, for a limited time.


She's mostly human. Bullets and all will still kill her. She has minimal combat skills. Her visions may be able to help her in a fight, but it's an area where she has little experience. An adversary who understands exactly how her powers work can completely negate them.

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