Thorin Tesla


Tesla is a genius. He’s not Nikola Tesla, he’s better. His intellect is more in the vein of Tony Stark and Peter Parker. He’s someone who could be locked in a room full of garbage, and manage to cobble it together into lasers, weapons, and a handful of bombs. There’s this part of him that exists for processing and analyzing data. He can look at spreadsheets, graphs, or just use his observations and quickly work out the patterns beneath that data. In day to day work, this makes him an incredible asset for his employer, he can squeeze the most out of data. In the world of heroing, he can break down his opponents attack styles and form unique ways to fight back.

The whole penchant for data and analysis makes him extremely geeky. In his work, the analysis is about research. At home? He likes to puzzle out the way a show will go. When The Expanse first aired, he refused to read the book because of the spoilers. He had his own little stack of papers considering all the ways the show might go. With work, he even found some like-minded groups, who wanted to go without spoilers. That said, he lost a bet on the show. He was convinced the whole story would revolve around a smaller colony making themselves a major-power in the system.

Name Thorin Tesla
Gender Male
Age 22
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Hero
Occupation Researcher/Hero


Tesla likes to dress casually and cheaply. Over the years, he’s learned to avoid nice clothes, they’ll only end up getting destroyed anyway. His shirts almost all feature sci-fi elements on them. His favorite has a black hole on a light gry background, it’s surrounded by equations about what makes a black hole tick. There are a few nicer shirts in his closet, usually plaid button up shirts. He’s had them for years, but only wears them to special occasions. They’re his favorite to wear out and around, but he’s gotta protect them.

Protect them from what? Tesla’s intellect is entirely within human capabilities. What’s inhuman about him is his speed and strength. His body can collect energy from all around him. He even collects energy in the vacuum of space, taking power from virtual-particles (Zero Point Energy). It’s taken him most of his life to tame his powers. Luckily he can consciously turn them off and on. Powers like this lead to trouble.

As a hero, Tesla’s costume of choice is made of dark blues and grays. Most of the suit is made of kevlar and special nano fibers to protect against impacts and abrasions. There’s oversized gloves and boots, designed to fit him perfectly. They offer significant protection without compromising his dexterity too much. He has a tactical vest on his upper body with various pockets attached to it. There’s a slim backpack that fits against his back with 4 clips holding it to the vest along his top and sides.




Super Strength

Energy collected from the universe around him is focused into his body, driving his muscles well beyond the capabilities of a normal human.

Super Speed

Energy collected from the universe around him is focused into his body, driving his muscles well beyond the capabilities of a normal human. This vastly improves his speed as well.


While using his powers, some of the energy enhances his mental capacities, resulting in increased reaction speeds, an absolute essential with his enhanced speed.

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