Damon Take


Damon is generally a calm and nearly laid back sort of guy. He certainly doesn't sweat the small stuff and only in the most extreme of situations can someone get under his skin enough to have him show anger. He comes off as a foreigner that's been living in the country for a while, and gives off an air of being very street smart, passive, and patient. Not much else is known. Damon is just your everyday human… with the ability to emit fire from his body.

Name Damon Teke
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Affiliation Villain
Occupation Villain


Damon looks disheveled and in need of a nap nearly all the time. Dark circles line under his light blue eyes. It's clear his hair has been dyed black, and is kept in disarray in a rather short cut. Piercings line his ears, and he wears a necklace with a Cerberus pendant of three dog heads linked together. It's clear that if he had a normal life style, Damon would be quite tan. His skin is normally darker than most, but constantly sticking to indoors away from the sun has paled it to an odd dark ashen color. He frequents other regular street clothing, mostly dressing in dark colors or nearly all black with a flash of color or a break of all black through a colored tee shirt under his black zip up hoodie.





Damon can form a circular blast of fire that he can hurl at great distances with decent accuracy. Because they are not a blast of fire, their strength is limited. They can ignite other items.


Using any limb he wishes to, Damon can light fire to just about any surface. Brick, wood, stone, rubber. If it is flamable it will eat away at it on its own once lit. For non flammable items such as cement, only the small area around it will sustain a flame, generally for thirty minutes unless someone douses it with water.

Blast Furnace

The area around Damon can become super heated. This works to great effect inside a confined space. Alternatively he can erect walls of flame to super-heat the interior. At any point so long as he takes care to not cause self-immolation, the area can explode into flames.


Firing from any limb he wishes and to great control, Damon can send out a 15 ft. blast of fire like a flame thrower. They can range from normal to a brilliant light blue flame, capable of cremating people in minutes. However Damon is not fire resistant, and must take care to avoid getting burned.

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