Kai Zhao



Kai is a calculating individual. Obstinate, arrogant, and tough to work with if at all.

Name Kai Zhao
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Affiliation Villain
Occupation Villain


Kai is of average height and build, with nothing spectacular about him standing out. His hair is orderly, kept semi short and is a glossy black. His almond shaped eyes are a dark brown, and he comes off as a very scholarly type of person. Always clean, always tidy, his demeanor notes his schooling and his occupation as a doctor. This is all misleading, as no one should trust this man. He's been waiting in the shadows all his life to step out into the lime light.




Acute Intellect

Kai is a very resourceful and intelligent man, with a lot focused on diplomacy, as well as the human body. To this extent he can even falsify his own reactions and emotions, warping his body to accept lies as truth to fail lie detectors, and also fake lying to throw off even the most perceptive of body readers. Complex problems can be solved in a matter of minutes, and his knowledge of the human body from being a doctor is a boon to his control over his power.


Kai can cause bodily trauma at a touch, though it will need time to build up. Although no person is alike, he can target the things that are static in a person such as their skin, muscle and bones, in order to cause havoc. A tap can cause a massive bruise, lesions or blisters. A punch a torn muscle or a sudden painful cyst. Prolonged exposure of being grappled and wrenched about may cause a bone break or ligament snap. But Kai gets deadly when he finds out your blood type. From there he can cause the blood to become inefficient in clotting, or carrying oxygen. Significant trauma can be imposed on organs with a hard blow, such as heavy bruising, localized bleeding and temporary organ failure for ten minutes. For a person that isn't young or fit, all this may spell death. Woe to those who survive, as its truly torture to endure the wrath of Kai for long.


Kai is not a long distance fighter, or really a fighter at all. His game is all in the outwitting before being able to slowly bring a target down to their knees where it's easily more manageable. Kai's ability to cripple and hurt others stems from his knowledge of the human body. Some non-human forms may prove too complex for him at the beginning, giving his opponent a little extra time before he begins to figure things out and do damage.

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