She often just sulks and buried herself in her arms mostly as a way to keep herself distant though it grew more after her childhood. Dependent on herself and siblings, mostly uneasy on herself.

Name Maple
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero/Villain
Occupation Thief/Gangster
Player Faith


Short black haired with a mini ponytail (or is it hair bun) on her back, a bit of a mark on her lip.


Unfair, that was how Maple could describe her life. Surely being picked up by two adults from her foster home and living in the comforts of their home would’ve started a streak of hope and happiness, but it never came. Instead she was living the life she never wanted, not having enough food to eat, limited clothes to wear and the only escape that she could think of was a bed, or even that if a jacket.

Throughout her days of the dreadful home, she only had the honorary support of two foster siblings, Matthew and Roman, and all three of them cared for each other, but even with what they deal with, they couldn’t push themselves towards doing anything that could get themselves the peace they were looking for.

At least they didn’t before…


Electrical Control

Maple's power is control of electricity. For what little control she has at this point in her life. In principle, she can cause whatever she's touching to be electrically charged, but only so long as she has the electrical-reserves inside her to do so. She can naturally generate some electricity and absorb electricity from other power sources. With some work, she can shoot small lightning bolts. These are more draining than merely energizing something.


Maple is still human. She has three BIG weaknesses: everything humans are weak to, her team, and her powers. As her powers are very new, it is possible to accidentally shock the ever living hell out of her team and hurt them all. Electromagnetic fields and such events (solar flares) will make her powers far harder to control. Lastly, if she runs out of her internal reserves of power, she would pass out, as if she had been suddenly starved or lost all the energy in her body at once.

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