Aiming for the honest kind of person anyone can be, kind enough to people but less so when it comes to those who don’t favor any of the others who deserve credit or kindness.

Name Matt
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero/Villain
Occupation Thief/Gangster
Player Faith


short brown hair, mostly combed at times to show a good smile. Green eyes, shaven chin.


If there was one thing that Matthew expected from people, it was honesty.

It wasn’t good being lied to when he was brought into a family that didn’t seek to gift them with love, but rather that of unease in a shelter that wasn’t meant for him or his two new siblings. In one way, this wasn’t the best thing to deal with but then he had managed to get used to it even if it wasn’t good.

He was a little respected for how he behaved, and he knew that just a bit. When he was growing up into having a job, he was thrilled.

During the days of working, things weren’t exactly going so smoothly since day 1 had occurred. He simply had to earn money and that’d help the family he was brought into, so why was that getting so difficult? It seemed to be because he only learned so much later that most of his pay was just being used by the businessmen who own the store he worked in. They used it for themselves and didn’t give too much away for others with beliefs that if they work hard enough, with more overtime, they could push them to drive business uphill.

Matthew didn’t believe in that goal, it seemed to be a line he didn’t want crossed.



Matt can explosively accelerate his limbs. The effect is an incredible punch that can shatter bones or powerful leaps. It doesn't give him super speed, BUT he can launch himself forward with incredible power. This could be refined into a powerful mode of attack, but at the moment, it's mostly explosive punches and kicks.


Matt is human, so that leaves two real big weaknesses: everything humans are weak to and himself. His skin is still normal skin. If he punches a brick wall without any protection, he's likely to rip his arms. If he kicks a train, he might break his leg. He's still learning to control his powers as well, so he may accidentally crush anything in his grip just by accidentally activating his power.

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