Narsuss is a kingpin, through and through, and though he may not be the guy normally getting his hands dirty, he's sure capable of it. He always seems to have an upper hand. What happened to your smile?

Name Narsuss
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Villain
Occupation Villainy
Player Wendigo Might


Narsuss is an enigma in many cases. Not many have seen his face as he lived a very secret life. Many accounts label him as a middle aged white male. His dapper dress style seems to belie how dangerous he is.





Narsus is capable of absorbing and eating all non-physical attacks and then sending them back at another target. Fire, electricity, and ice fit this category.


Taking things that are physical around him, Narsuss can fuse it to his body. Once in his system, he can shape at will or duplicate. Metal can be absorbed to harden his bones. Scales ripped off a victim can be duplicated to cover his skin in scaley armor. Body parts may be added. However, anything with a separate DNA or that isn't biological like metal will separate from him within six hours.


Through enough contact, Narsuss can copy the outward appearance of a target. He cannot you their abilities, as he's limited only to his own and they must be of a human form. This allows Narsuss to be truly faceless, shifting out of view in a sea of faces even if you'd only blinked.

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