Rei/Reini Shirou


Rei is all around a very shy and scared person and has a very low selfesteem even though she doesn't wanna show it at all. And she likes to act like she has everything together. When in reality she doesn't at all. She hides lots of emotions etc. And has a hard time truly trusting someone. Like the person/creature has to prove themself to her so she gains their trust. She's very openminded and likes to think deeply about things or whatever crosses her mind. Once you meet in her RP you will see more of her.

Name Rei/Reini Shirou
Gender Female (MtF)
Age 20
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Occupation Singer
Player Riva


Rei is 5“9 and has a naturally skinny body, it's fragile…She has long straight black hair, hazel eyes and she has a biological female looking face even though she's a biological male, same thing body wise. She loves to wear emo/goth clothing, makeup type of style, etc.


She is originally born in Hokkaido, Japan. Rei used to live in a village there for most of her life. But always wanted to travel to somewhere else. Because she didn't like being where she was. She wasn't accepted for who she was at all. Her parents always thought that she's a complete lunatic/possessed by a female spirit. As most people there thought like that. And for thinking that she's a woman. But the thing is about Rei is that she always was like this. I'm talking about the age of 5/6/7 years old…She would scream and cry whenever her dad or mom would put boy's clothes on her body or that she had her hair to be cut off since she wanted to keep it long. Because she had a completely different image of herself in her mind so It would really mentally break her. Her parents didn't give a shit and thought this was all a phase she was going through..And that thought it would pass away eventually. But it didn't, Instead, Rei would actually become a rebel as everything she wanted in life, didn't happen at all. She was so pissed. After years went by she not only found out that she is a natural singer with a very unusual voice through performing and noticing that she never trained to sing…Since people would tell her constantly over and over that she has to do something with singing. And like she noticed that she has the ability to influence people's mood but also mess with all senses through her experience. Rei also realized that she can't fight or anything related to that. Because of how fragile her body is. So she's very careful with what/how she does something..Anyways eventually she moved from where she lived. Because it was impossible for her to live a normal life there. She went on her own personal journey to wherever she wanted to go to with the money she got from performing/stealing. And ended up in America. The rest is history.


Singing - Illusions

Her voice has a trance like quality. When she sings, people see, hear, and feel illusions. These persist as long as she is singing. She can readily produce the sights and sounds, but sensations like flames, scents, and touch requires more focus and concentration. The body has additional senses (such as awareness of where your arms are), and these too can be fooled.

Singing - Emotional Manipulation

Her songs can impact the general tone of anyone who hears them. This is usually a lighter, near passive effect. Relaxation for a show, terror if they're seeing a monster attack them, and so on. If she focuses, she can force a mood on someone, BUT at the cost of her illusions being weaker to non-existent.


Her body is frail, normal, and human. Bullets, knives, a good fall will be as destructive to her as anyone else. Her illusions can be defeated, while someone might see a wall, and they will feel a wall, nothing will stop their body from moving forward. Fighters of exceptional discipline may be able to persist a fight, despite her illusions after enough experience. The only counter to her mood-singing is chemicals, drugs, that neutralize all emotional sensation. People who are deaf will be immune to her. Advanced audio hardware can neutralize her singing after repeated encounters BUT the hardware would only be able to block her, wendigo screams/other sound attacks would get through (pick one sound to cancel). Noise cancelling headphones, not programmed to her specificially, can weaken her effect by 10%.

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