Riva has two sides of her personality. her normal one being calm,cool,shy,quiet,Mystical,kind,loyal .But her other side however is her going completely insane/manic and trust me thats just an understatement.

Name Riva
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Human (Witch)
Affiliation Villain
Occupation Witchcraft
Player Riva-Lana


She has black long straight black hair with very white pale skin. Her eye color is a piercing amber color. Shes 5“3 with a curvy body type. Meaning that she has a fat ass and a small waist. She has a beautiful unique looking face. She has full lips. She has The same nose as Bonnie aarons from the nun.


Riva was born in a witch village called salem. She lived there her most of her life,she loved it. People sorta respected her since she is a rather unusual witch with powers/abilities that other witches could only dream about. Her mom especially was very proud that she got a daughter like Riva. However people in the village spread rumors around in the village about her. Rumors for example. That she could could see/talk/hear to supernatural beings beyond anyone's understanding. But yea those are just rumors. But yet they could have a slight truth in them. But that had yet to be find out. Her childhood was very dark. She was always a shadow/invisible to people or a bother. But this one day she had these two girls coming up to her. They were a little gifted but wanted to be special and find their purpose in life, so they pal up with Riva and became honest friends trying to make their coven special. They tried out all types of stuff. But it wasnt working. So she decided to keep quiet and told her friends that she had to do something in private. They became suspicious but left her to do what she had to do. She's an empath and has magic/soul senses meaning she is sensitive to energies all around her. She always heard voices and saw creatures/shadows/aura's but never payed attention nor answered back to the voices. But that day she started to pay attention and respond to the voice that was calling out to her. And as she did a horrifying demonic creature popped infront of her and told her “Hello there little one.” Riva was intimidated and scared but she kept her cool. The creature looked at her with a creepy/scary grin and said something to her.”Hey Riva. i can give you powers that others would wish to have from the unknown but there's a price“. She wasnt thinking about the consequences. She then responded with ” What kind of price?. It responded with “ When you die ill take you to hell or the spirit world and lock you inside with me”. She didnt care she looked desperate for power. “I dont care i want to be extremely powerfull way more than i am now and help my coven”. The creature giggled at her and said.“ How cute….Give me your hands”. Riva gave her hands without thinking. As she did that the demonic creature said. “Do not move a muscle and close your eyes”. Riva closed her eyes and did her best to not move. The demons eyes started to get very red and also it's claws showed and instantly marked her with 3 red claw marks on her leg. Riva screamed extremely loud since it burned like hell. While it didnt let go of her hand. Its tongue went around her neck. And made an invisible mark of a snake like tongue that only supernatural beings can see. Ever since then she remained quiet and never told anyone about this. She went back to the coven the next day. She was different then before. And the coven also felt her intense energy. From that day everything that they tried out worked. And they became even closer and closer. She called/treated them as if they were her biological sisters. And eventually as they got older. They moved out of there. And lived now in New Jersey.



She can move objects/people and kill with her mind power but whenever she does that her nose starts to bleed.(She can only kill if its a npc)


She can see/talk to things/energies/aura's/other that others cant see/sense.


She can cast all types of spells that she learned from a black magic book/Wicca book. But she has a limited capacity on how many spells she can perform at once. She performs magic through life forces. For example dark energy.

Invisible Blanket As the name says. Yes you will need a blanket ofcourse. It also doesnt matter what type of blanket it is. You just need to say the following words while holding the blanket “I am invisible noone can see me” As you keep on saying on repeat that the blanket eventually looks like its gone. But you would still be able to feel it. But it just went invisible. So you go under it and you can move unnoticed wherever you wanna go.

Magic Regeneration You are drawing in new power from nature/the earth around you to be able to do more spells/rituals. You can also suck magic from other people.

Protective Shield This spell can shield a place wherever the person goes. But it only stands in one place. You cant move it. For example you want to protect your house. Then this would be perfect to use.


She uses her power to fly alone or her broom depending on what she wants

Ritual Magic

These are complex spells requiring extensive preparation, potentially additional witches, and will be extremely taxing on the magic of all those involved in performing them.

Demons Arise

This ritual brings all the demons that visited the person of whoever performs the ritual. It becomes stronger if it has multiple people doing it. And it will bring more demons. You have to draw a make a pentagram of blood on the ground. And stand like a triangle if you're with multiple people. If you're alone you have to stand in the middle. You also need candles surrounding the pentagram. To prevent to not let them escape in to the real world. You will have to say the following words. Start by whispering “Demon arise,Arise demons.” and you have to get louder and louder and eventually start screaming so they hear you/notice you. The demons will then come out of the pentagram since a gate gets opened. They will instantly talk to you(or others). And ask you why you summoned them. When you answered,they will gladly help you. But they wont if they know that you have no ancestry or involvement with black magic/witchcraft. But if one of the persons who is performing the ritual has supernatural powers such as empathic/magic/soul sense then it's an exception.

Witch's Circle

This ritual needs atleast 3 people to perform it. You need to stand in a circle with candles surrounding the circle. While also drawing a circle before that. You also need to hum a lullaby with the performer who starts at first and then the rest humming along with the person. You cant stop humming nor leaving the circle unless you want to break the magic shield. This will give the performers protection from whatever that tries to get to them. They can walk around but they have to be in triangle stand. So the best idea would be to have ropes tied around eachothers waist.


She's stubborn and doesnt want to listen to others most of the time. She is easily blinded whenever she sees something that she really really wants. Riva can also lose control if she tries something risky. For example entering the spirit world with bad intentions/thoughts. Also being an empath/magic/soul sense also means being sensitive to energies around her. Meaning if someone has bad/dark energy she could get drained by it since she sucks it up like a sponge. Also her name 'Riva' Isnt her real name. The demon only knows her real name and told it to her. So if anyone came to find out her real name and telling it right to her face. she could be in real danger. by perhaps getting sent to either hell or to the spirit world and trying to find her way back out. But that is very hard. If she runs out of magic or casts a spell/Ritual too powerful or casts too many spells/rituals/accesing realms at once, that would be her key weakness. Doing this too frequently causes longterm effects. Her first warning sign is the nosebleed. Which gets worse as the power use continues. Riva is limited by the nosebleed and what her brain could sustain. Once she exhausted herself, she is out of the fight.

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