Roman is the sneaky, secretive part of his group. He’s always been the best at lock picking, climbing, and sneaking around. On more than one occasion, he’s snuck up on his friends with not a single sound to give him away. He just has this nature to him, that he’s a living shadow, a figment of your imagination until you actually see him. It carries through to the rest of him. He’s more quiet until something needs to be said. More fluid, harder to scare, and harder to perturb.

Name Roman
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Enhanced Human
Affiliation Anti-Hero/Villain
Occupation Thief/Gangster
Player Archy


Roman is tall and slim. He’s on the undernourished side. A rough upbringing does that to you. His body is made of muscle and bone, with very little fat. His clothes all seem to hang off him, the rich kids in school compared him to a skeleton in gym class. There were upsides to it, he has a gymnasts physique. He’s good at tossing himself around and climbing things. Unfortunately, he’s also very easily pushed around.

From a clothing perspective, Roman wears mostly hand me downs from friends, things from the lost and found, or occasionally something he’s stolen from a thrift store. They’re easier targets. A few of his shirts are worn, they have holes in them. His jeans are a bit on the skinny side, but even they are loose on him. It’s been joked that he’s arms, legs, and a head for the proportions of his body.

As a villain, he has a black suit, it’s the nicest thing he owns, put together with the proceeds of his first thieving adventures. The inside of it is made of soft cotton, the outside is made of black, matte cotton. There’s a few hard plates meant to help deflect or mitigate bullets, though it may not be fully bulletproof. There’s sheaths for his swords built into his back, in an X-pattern. Classic ninja style. There’s goggles over his head and a fabric cover for his mouth with some mild filtering properties. He has a few pockets with extra things in them, his lockpicks and the like.



Shadow Travel

Roman can become a literal living shadow. This allows him to slip under doors and through impossibly small spaces. This, he’s mastered pretty well. He’s able to travel anywhere there are shadows as well, a sort of shadow teleportation. The problem is navigation. He has no control of where he’ll pop out at the moment. His range appears limited to the immediate metro area, but that could be a personal limitation.

Untouchable Shadows

In shadow form, he’s basically untouchable by conventional means. There’s also little he can do to necessarily impact the regular world either. His senses are weakened in this state.

Shadow Posession

He’s able to briefly possess the shadow of an object, and in so doing, he can control that object. This is extremely taxing. At the moment, he’s able to throw a switch or make things levitate. He doesn’t have a body when this happens, it must be done in his shadow form. In the future, he may be able to possess people or do it without being in his shadow state.

Shadow Speed

Shadows are the absence of light. In shadow form, he’s able to move at incredible speeds. In total darkness, the effect is like teleportation. In dimmer light, he moves fast enough to be a blur of motion, like sweeping a laser pointer across the room.


Roman’s core weaknesses are his human form and light. In extreme light, he can only manifest his shadow form in an existing shadow. In overcast lighting, room lighting, and the like, he’s able to manifest shadows even in direct light. Brighter light will cause him pain in shadow form and block his shadow possession. There’s also that he’s still human, so bullets and the like will take him down. His costume requires extra padding to protect his body, making up for an absence of body fat.

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