Creatures Going Bump in the Night

Philadelphia is home to a wide range of creatures. It's safe to say if you've heard of something going bump in the night, it lives here, lurking in our woods or the shadows. Most super natural creatures just want to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Others are not so calm. It's hard to draw a line and impossible to really judge these books by their covers. They're simply people, good, bad, and otherwise. Some need to feed on human blood, but they try to do it peacefully. Others need to isolate themselves once a month for everyone's safety.

Common Species

There are three main types of Super Natural in the city right now. These are creatures who's powers don't come genetic mutations, lab accidents, and other enhancements. We have werewolves, vampires, and wendigoes in the city and surrounding area. Many of the stories you've heard are pretty on the nose about them all. Vampires do feed on human blood, but getting fed on won't make you a vampire. Werewolves shift on the full moon, but also whenever they damn well please. Wendigoes can feed on human flesh, but it corrupts them and many try to avoid that.

Rules of Play

If you wish to play as a super natural species, you will need to abide by the canons outlined in each of their respective sections on the site. Characters who violate the established canon will be removed from play until the issue is corrected. If you want complete freedom in a character, then they must be an enhanced individual and have some significant differences from established super natural species.

Species In the City

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