Creatures From Hell

Demons are the immortal guards and attendants of hell. Some of them exist to torment and tempt humanity, others are stormtroopers of the apocalypse, just waiting for their chance to sew chaos across the world. Broadly, demons can be divided into what territory they serve, how and where they are meant to do their bidding.

Demon Powers

Despite a wide variety of forms and species, there are a number of powers shared among nearly all demons. They can sense the intentions of the human soul, weighing you against the feather of innocence just by looking at you. This power gives them greater insight into what kind of person you are, enough to manipulate most humans with unmatched tact and precision. These powers extend further, to knowledge and experience with magic, curses, etc. Most have some form of healing power or incredible durability.

When killed, a demon will either break down to dust to be reincarnated in hell in the future or if already in hell, their body will remain until it is decayed and born anew. A demon killed in Hell will remain dead for much, much longer than one in the waking world. The underworld does not tolerate weakness.

Demon Types

In general, there are two main genus of demon: Hellborne and Earthborne. Those residing in hell are weak on Earth and vice versa. They each serve a specific task. Earthly demons exist to seduce and corrupt mortals, eventually the entire population if given the chance. They scout for armageddon. Hell Demons are more powerful and varied. They secure hell, serve as the devil's army, and punish the damned.

Earthborne Demons


Considered a higher-level demon, these creatures look human. They can grow horns, tail, and claws in battle, but that is their weakest area. Their main purpose is to collect human souls. They make the mythical deal with the devil. Some have been captured, cursed, and enslaved as Genies, unable to reap human souls. Most will take on the form most attractive to their target and either offer a deal they cannot refuse (save a loved one) or slowly seduce and break down their target until the time is right.

Their greatest power is The Deal. The deal cannot be used to serve them directly. When a deal is made with a human, they are able to conduct immense acts of magic, but only through the deal. Without the deal, they are very nearly human in their physical abilities.


The events of movies such as The Exorcist are not entirely fabricated. These demons exist to torment humans, break them down until they will do anything asked of them. Some are playful, creating games to challenge their targets. Others are aggressive, haunting houses and torturing their victims slowly. They have strong telekinetic powers, sometimes pyrokinesis, and a wide range of other manifestations. They are said to have the greatest insight into the human soul. They may stalk a victim for years before making their move.

In some cases, a place will accrue so many souls, so much blood and death, that the human souls there are incapable of reaching the afterlife. They become a weaker form of tormenter, a poltergeist that haunts that location, seeking only vengeance.

Hellborne Demons


Arguably the strongest mainline demon, these are creatures made of rock, standing 7-9' tall. Their insides are filled with a molten magma straight from the deepest pits of hell. They are slow, but damned near unkillablle by conventional means. Their immense strength makes up for their lack of speed. They're used as archers, living barriers, and often may just literally storm through their opponents as if they were not even there. Typically they carry staffs, spears, or bows with the firing power of a small cannon.

They have slower healing than any other demon. If wounded deeply enough, they will simply bleed out and die. These wounds cannot be inflicted by regular guns. It requires immense strength or something like the SABOT round from a tank. They are immune to heat (in fact, extreme heat can heal them).

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