Vampires have existed nearly as long as modern humanity. Legends of creatures living off the blood and soul of others date back thousands of years. They need blood to survive, they have inhuman speed, they never age, they're able to heal themselves of nearly any injury, and they have the ability to put nearly any creature into a trance. The most tell-tail physical symptom is pale, white skin. Don't be fooled though, this is only if a vampire has not fed for a good few days. Their skin will become paler over time. Generally speaking, older vampires have an arrogant attitude, believed to be a consequence of their old age. After a century or two of walking off gunshots, stabbings, and sometimes literal torture, it's hard to feel like regular mortals have any true say in the ways of the world.

The Vampire Curse

Vampires are not born, they're created. Becoming a vampire requires having nearly all of your blood drained by a vampire. There is no precise science for how much, other than the vampire will know when it is enough. If they don't take enough then you'll die of blood loss (or survive because they took just a sip). If they take too much then you die and don't come back as a vampire. If they take the right amount, you'll die and awaken three days later. It's a process that no amount of preparation can truly prepare you for.

After being bit, you'll awaken on the 3rd day. Everything is going to feel wrong and broken. You'll be numb, emotionally, physically. There's typically a pervading sense that this is wrong and that you should be dead. Most people realize what's happened to them, an unnatural change made to their bodies. It garners strong reactions. For the first few days, your body is still adjusting to the change. You've essentially sold your soul. What little remains of you is bound to those last drops of blood in your veins.

From this day forward, you won't eat or drink as humans do. Food will provide you no physical benefits. You're literally a walking corpse. Within three days of rising, you need to take blood. Human blood is preferred, many new vampires accidentally kill their first victim. The hunger can be overwhelming after you've had the first taste, similar to finding water after spending months in a desert. You can't resist it, either someone saves your first victim or they will pass. It is possible to survive on alternatives, IV blood bags, cow's blood, and pig's blood are the main alternatives. A vampire will need more of this than human blood, but it will provide sustenance.

Without taking blood, a vampire will grow weak, tired, and sickly, their skin will be thin and pale, but they'll survive. It is only when a vampire bleeds out entirely that they die of blood loss. Blood is required for them to heal or recover, but not necessarily to live. It's just for them to survive injury or live happily.




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