Wendigos are cryptids either born just as they are or corrupted by the presence of another Wendigo and fed a cannibalistic diet of human flesh. Overall, Wendigos look like any human being, but have the ability to change into the slobbering beasts they truly are. Appearing as a mishmash of creatures, Wendigos typically come with antlers of any kind in both genders, and sport some rather canine like features in their faces. Limbs appear as slender, and extremely long like they have been stretched out. Torsos are always emaciated looking, with a Wendigo that has fed on more humans looking more skeletal as flesh will also fail to form over their faces to leave a white bleached skull. Fur may come in many colors, typically ashen or dark, with white skull like markings across the face, rib markings, or lines along the spine. Tails are long and shaggy for weight counterbalancing. There are many renditions of body parts for legs, feet and claws. Paws, eagle talons, hooves; depends on the orientation it seems. But one this is constant; their hunger.

A Life of Solitude

Either because of their relations to other Wendigos or their own growth experiences, Wendigos are antisocial and antagonistic. Misanthropic from the start, they chose to have a lonely existence save finding a mate or accepting a few close friends. A staple of a Wendigo is living in seclusion away from society, off grid. Only a handful manage to fully embrace civilization to live in cities or towns as normal people do. They need wide ranges of territory to feed their appetites even if they stay away from human meat. These territories may overlap in points with no problems unless the two meet up. Sibling Wendigos may butt heads at times and fight but only in light competition. Strange Wendigos may ignore one another, or try to rip each other’s throats out. Threats made by anyone to their lives or freedom is a big trigger to see the ugly side of one of these apex predators. A Wendigo can pick out another Wendigo, always. And that discovery will be apparent in both Wendigos when it happens for the first time, which is always met with a high level of curiosity. A lack of interaction with their own kind seems to hand them a bit of shock when they actually do find one of their own. This causes Wendigos to become intrigued and lured in by other similar looking cryptids such as werewolves, though the differences of it simply being “not my kind” can cause a recoil of emotions to ones of disgust or even betrayal. In the modern world, these beings sit on a double edged sword of loneliness and looking for its own kind, or wanting to be left alone and live far from others.

Wendigos show an aptitude to chose a mate with anyone and any humanoid being, even willing themselves to change their gender to fit the roll. Although male Wendigos changed over to female will never be able to have young, female Wendigos that change over to male may be able to sire young after three months given maturity. Mates don’t need to be another Wendigo, or even a human for that matter. And although a Wendigo is very loyal to its friends, family and mate, all will still carry a scent of food except for the being they have chosen as a mate, where the scent can even eliminate any pangs of hunger. In cases where its partner or friend can protect themselves well, a Wendigo will sit back and only jump in as needed to keep the favor of victory tipped towards them. In cases where they are incapable of defending themselves or are unable to meet the same levels of strength, a Wendigo will work itself into a protective fury. Its finally found someone it wants to be with, and it will not allow anything to take them from it. Their scent is the only thing that can ground them from red filtered rages or the blinding urge to eat human flesh. The vocalizations of a Wendigo reacting to the scent of its mate come in an array of types, including quivering its bottom jaw to rattle or clack is teeth together in a way to garnish acceptance.

Aside from gnashing teeth to click at its mate, Wendigos do so in small amounts to show curiosity, confusion, or attention for something to be explained. Low preening crowing from the throat shows fondness. And deep purrs made in the throat with or without the addition of it being pushed through the nose to reverberate it to a louder tone shows affections and a wish to soothe a target. These are all friendly sounds. Their neutral and threat sounds are far ranging, including a powerful shrill call that stutters like a death rattle in the end dubbed the “Rasp”. Snorts and grunts are a given, and sputtering low calls can bring attention to things seen. Any and all calls can be ended with a stuttering rattle like sound like breathless laughter, including as threat. And as always, all Wendigos can mimic any sound, voice, or call.

Unending Hunger

Wendigos are typically a monster that portrays gluttony, anger and greed. Wendigos can never deviate from a diet mainly of meat, though their biggest craving is of course human flesh. This is an issue. Devouring human flesh may stop the hunger during the feast but once the last scrap has been snapped up, the hunger will return and stronger than ever. Like an addiction, the best a Wendigo can do is avoid eating humans. The hunger will never go away from a dull ache, but it is able to be ignored at times. The more humans a Wendigo eats, the more ‘corrupt’ they become. They lose their humanity and sanity. Fur and then flesh will fall away and rot off the skull, the eyes sinking into the sockets to barely be seen. The torso will sink inwards til the ribs begin to tear through skin and poke through freely. At their worst they may even target other Wendigos and suffer a complete madness as they forget their human form and all their memories of who they were.

Powers of the Damned


A wendigo can typically exert enough strength to uproot a tree and use it like a bat, no training needed. They rely on this strength in territorial disputes the most, ripping limbs off, or in hunting to remove obstacles. Because no wendigo has gone through extensive strength training, there’s no documentation of where their strength plateaus at.

Speed: Wendigos can keep pace with a normal car at highway speeds. Their jumps and lunges are more legendary, as its how they captured their prey. Able to clear an impressive gap or clear a height of a hundred feet or more, they can double their speed in the act. However their reaction time can barely keep up with their running speed, implying its just slightly faster than a human’s normal reaction time. Their true strength in speed is rather for the long run.


Wendigos live tough and violent lives, even among their own kind. They can withstand disabling and near lethal attacks to continue fighting so long they can move. Their mindset is that it can be healed later, so what cost is a missing arm to land a killing blow? This abject refusal of reaction to pain means a Wendigo can fight well past some tiring limits as well as its own muscle fatigue. They can run for hundreds of miles in a single day at a top speed of 35mph, nearly indefinitely when it counts. Their adrenal glands are the main advantage of this ability, pumping the body with chemicals such as endorphins to keep going. The chase, or the close fight, is one of the biggest joys they can get.


Wendigos may not see very far, but they can be a great judge of distance, and may see in any light or severe darkness. Their smell is on par with a dog’s, however is much keener to detect blood, viscera and decay. If there is a dead body within five miles they will find it. Wendigos cannot help themselves when they smell a carcass nearby, though they will generally not eat rotting bodies, but use them to mark territory or decorate their lairs.


Wendigos can heal up from even the most disastrous of wounds. Although a missing limb may take up to five minutes or more to regrow, many smaller wounds can be healed in seconds, so long as the wendigo is not focused on combat. Lethal attacks to the heart can be outlived without any aid for 24 hours, but then may kill from damage and infection. A shot to the brain is always lethal but must pierce the skull first. Wendigos are immune to all blood diseases/curses like lycanthropy and vampirism. The body can break down and heal cancer as fast as it forms. Stomach acid can purify any food borne illness. Their saliva is antiseptic, granting them a great cleaning agent for wounds, and boy do they drool. However all this is possible so long they can fuel up with food. Starvation and a need to heal wounds may cause a wendigo to hibernate for years, even decades if it has to. At this time they are very vulnerable.


They thrive on fear. Feed off it like a battery. Even the nicest and biggest humanitarian Wendigos can’t resist a good scare to feel the terror in those around them. It’s very common to see one sitting in the middle of the theater during a viewing of a horror movie. Some claim it feels like a new state of arousal. Because of this, Wendigos have learned the best intimidation tactics of any creature. They appear fearless, battle ready, even when puffing up and posturing to avoid confrontation. With a perchance to injure themselves to show strength and their bloodthirsty wills to their enemies before a battle, their roars are absolutely bloodcurdling and have even frozen some horrifying individuals in their tracks. Raised hackles, chest beating, snorting, head tossing, feet scuffing, crowing and mock bites are all a show of might and readiness to fight. It’s sometimes all you get before the attack.


Wendigos just cannot be stopped by locks. Not that they tear it apart or just ignore it and go around, but they have the ability to pick them. They can grow a claw into any door or lock’s key hole to push the pins out of the way, turn the lock, and get inside. All without destroying said lock. Afterwards they can break the claw off to regrow it normally. In olden times, this was how many a family was wiped out in a single night, their homes turned into gruesome lairs. Always avoid the abandoned homes.



The fall back of cryptid killer weapons. Silver burns the muscles and flesh of Wendigos once its hit blood due to holy purifying properties the metal supposedly holds. Silver blades can cut and burn flesh, causing wounds to be unable to heal. Silver bullets can crack through the skull to the brain and destroy it. A shot to the heart instantly seizes the organ. Still its best to dispose the body in fire to spread the ashes on church land, (or have it consumed), in order to avoid its wrath from beyond the grave.


Fur is flammable. Even small burns from smoke or steam and burning chemicals can disrupt the healing of a Wendigo. Burns stop all healing and may cause the body to attack itself with irritation and inflammation that cause fluid build up and hemorrhaging. If a Wendigo ever wants to heal its burns it must be completely removed and cut out.


This heavy metal can be used to contain a Wedigo with bars, cages and chains. It works similar to silver, burning if it comes in contact with their blood. An effective and nasty way to collar a Wendigo.

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