Current Events:

Rigging the Polls

HEROES Act Part 2 of 3

Following the events of the Heroes' Summit, a new wave of terror has swept over the city. Super powered thugs have been attacking at random and sewing chaos at every angle. The SUPER Act has not yet passed. It will go to a vote soon. Public opinion matters, and right now, it's going down the drain. This is beyond the point of just responding as crises arise. It is time to go on the offensive.

Doctor Rush is doubling down on his security forces to contain and capture violent criminals creating chaos. In the mean time, a select group of heroes will be sent to locate the master mind behind this and take them down. Resources from the lab and LEO will be limited. Once in the field, you will more likely than not, be on your own.

Ghost Stories

This is a non-cannon play taking place outside the regular play. A group of characters have all appeared in a mysterious ghost town far away from Philly. A mysterious farmer has set up a massive bon fire and expects everyone to tell their own tales of terror.

Mad World

A new villain is in town. He goes by the utterly terrifying name DAVE. In the course of a single night, he’s completely remade our little city. Nothing is where it should be, nothing works the way it used to. The city’s Taxis have been replaced by black cabs from London. The trains are all steam engines. In some places the laws of physics have gone entirely out the doorway. The Escherian Stairwell exists, and it WORKS (https://youtu.be/iBY4HaAngaA?t=103). In other places, reality itself changes, turning people into living dolls and puppets. It is complete madness.

Your task is to fight your way through this insanity, find Dave, defeat him, and turn the world back to normal.

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