How It Started

There have been heroes and villains as long as humanity itself has lived on this world. They've been there in every era, fighting for good and evil throughout history. The thing is: they were smaller in number and weaker than their modern counterparts. An old villain was hard to take down, harder to find, and hardly a concern to all but the richest of kings and queens. Things changed with the 20th century: more enhanced individuals began to take the spotlight. Populations grew and so too did the number of heroes and villains.

Advancements in science have only further refined what a hero or a villain can do. Technology has made them bigger, better, faster, and stronger. There's better training, better equipment, and bigger targets to go after. The boom has been across the board until it was too much to handle. Even minor events are calling on heroes now. Gangs are recruiting super powered individuals. The threats have increased exponentially.

That brings us to Today. Philadelphia. A modern city that's lagged behind the times. The police have been the core form of public protection since the city's founding. A centuries old policy dictates that heroes get the same treatment as villains: charge them with vigilantism and throw them behind bars immediately. Crime's been on the rise and the police are struggling to hunt heroes and villains. There's nothing they can do to fight both sides of this. It's a war on two fronts and one is going to have to give eventually.

The war on heroes caved in first. The Hound made her debut in stopping the bank heist near center city. There was a brief call to hunt her down amidst the police departments. The media soon stepped in and chose a side, backing The Hound as a hero. Public opinion changed. The cops wanted to take the Hound in, but no one has yet ratted her out. Her identity became public knowledge after she intervened at the Courthouse Attack. She was taken in for “questioning” afterwards, filling reports and all. The DA refused to prosecute her. After the media coverage, there wasn't a jury in the city willing to convict her.

Meanwhile, other heroes are starting to emerge from the woodwork. Others are taking up the call.

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